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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bring The Impressive Performance Out Of Your Old PC!

When your PC starts declining its speed, most of you think of going for a new one. Unfortunately, you spend your hard earned money to buy a new system, when you could have actually tweaked your system a bit, to improve the performance of your old system.

Sooner or later, your new system will again slow down on its performance. Don’t be frustrated and follow the below mentioned tips, to rejuvenate your old system.

Too many startup programs often lead to slow PCs
Is your system booting normally, but taking too much time? It could be the startup programs, which you need to, do something about. Running a tool to disable the startup programs can be a good option. You can use ‘Autoruns’ for this job.

Another option is to use MSConfig utility, which is slightly manual. Go to ‘Run’ or ‘Search’ and type in ‘msconfig’. It will show you the startup tab, uncheck the programs that you do not want to run, after the boot up of the system. Once it is done, restart your PC and see the difference.

Speed up your browsing experience
For surfing, we would suggest you to use Google Chrome, as it is known for the faster pace when compared to other browsers. Do perform a periodic job of clearing out the unnecessary temporary files, from the browser.

In Chrome, you need to go to ‘Clear Browsing Data’ and check the boxes you need to delete periodically.

Less power consumption by light weighted programs
If you’re not in a regular habit of using programs like MS Office or Windows Media Player or any other programs, you can replace them by programs, which do a similar job and consume less RAM space.

For example, MS Office can be replaced by Apache’s Open Office suite, which is an open source program and uses less RAM. Another example could be the replacement of Windows Media Player by VLC Media Player. It will speed up your PC.

Automate the updates
Often a pop up regarding updates may come up, while you’re into something important and you have to click on ‘remind me later’. However you cannot avoid any updates, as they are important for the proper functioning of your system.

Instead of spending hours in installing the updates manually, you can automate them. Automating updates will let you get them downloaded and installed automatically, in your system. To automate update for programs, go to My Computer -> Properties -> Automatic Updates.

Final tip!
Apart from all the above mentioned tips, a simple tip to speed up your PC on a go is to purchase another RAM and upgrade your system.

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