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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Simple mouse tips that every computer user should be familiar with

Do you know that your mouse is capable of performing many operations, except---right & left click, scrolling and selecting text? Not many users use their mouse to the fullest, and the main reason behind it is the lack of complete knowledge about it.
Read on to find more about the mouse, which you need to use daily.

Double & triple click
This is a common one, perhaps known by all. In order to select a word, you need to double click by placing the cursor on it. To select a paragraph, click it thrice and the paragraph will be selected.

Scroll wheel
Many users would be thinking that mouse wheel is for scrolling purpose. However, it has many other functions, other than scrolling. Let us list them out for you,
  • To open a new tab in the browser, press down the wheel. Also, you can keep the cursor on a link and press down the wheel and the link will open up for you. 
  • Press the ‘Shift’ key, and scroll up & down. You can see the web pages switching between themselves. 
  • Zoom in & zoom out are two tasks that can be done easily. Hold the ‘Ctrl’ key and scroll, scrolling up will let you zoom out the text and scrolling down will zoom in the text.

Use right click
If you need to copy any text of any web page or any other document, highlight the specific text and select ‘copy’ by right clicking on it. The text will be copied and can be pasted anywhere else.

Ctrl key & click
Highlighting multiple texts or selecting multiple files can be made possible by pressing ‘Ctrl’ key and left click. Also, you can select different objects of a document, by the same manner of using the Ctrl key and mouse click. 

Side buttons of mouse
Don’t you have any side button on your mouse? Probably, it is an old kind of mouse. These days you get mice, which have side buttons for different purposes. One of the usual functions is that you can move back to a web page, by pressing the button and it is generally the left thumb button. Other uses are like increasing and decreasing the volume.
Mouse seems to be a small computer peripheral, but it makes many of the operations easy by clicking or pressing. We believe that your know-how about the mouse has improved. The functions are simple, but very useful.

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