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Monday, 28 January 2013

Deleting Cookies from Opera

Whenever you visit a website, a small text file is created by the web server you communicate with and is saved in your hard drive. This file contains little information like your IP, browsing preference, personal information, etc, that you passed to the website. Now whenever you revisit the site, the web server looks for that file to identify you and to give you a customized user experience based on your browsing preference or your login credentials. Although cookies are convenient when you frequently visit few sites, but it could prove to be a weak point as it is easily hack-able. From time to time, you need to monitor what type of cookies should be barred and what should be allowed, as per your privacy need.

Referrals and Redirections
You can set your Opera browser to determine how web servers should monitor and handle your internet activities. You can go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Network and there you can make selections of the choices you want to make upon cookie creation.

  • Enable Automatic Redirection: Some websites might redirect your web browser to another URL. This mainly happens when the website has moved. However, some viruses also redirect you to another website and if you need control on what website you visit, then you should turn this off.
  • Send Referrer Information: This option allows websites to know where you came from as your visit was referenced by another website. They use this information to tailor content for you. If you don’t want the website to know where you came from, you have to disable this option.
Delete Cookies on exit
To ensure that all information is limited to browser only and cookies are deleted on exiting the browser, go to Settings > Preference > Advanced > Cookies and then check the Checkbox that says “Delete new cookies when exiting Opera”.

Disable Cookies
To entirely disable cookies, go to Settings > Quick Preference and uncheck the Checkbox that says “Enable Cookies.” If you want to enable cookies at some point of time, you can check the Checkbox again to enable cookies.

Invalid Cookies
There are certain types of cookies Opera refuse to accept no matter whether you have set your browser to handle cookies. These are cookies created by top-level domains (ending with .com, .org and .net) and are considered illegal or invalid because websites have unlimited access to these cookies and they can be easily hacked. You can manage cookie settings as follows.

Go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies and select:
  • “Accept” to accept all cookies from every website.
  • “Accept only from the websites I visit” to allow cookies from websites you visit and does not allow cookies from other websites that has their content on the website you are visiting.
  • “Never accept cookies” to restrict from creating any cookies of any website.    
  • “Manage cookies” to customize settings as per your preference.

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