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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ridiculous PC Pranks!

Are you bored of the regular routine of daily life? We have certain tricks that you can play with your friend, using his/her computer. Few of the tricks are old fashioned, but there is a possibility that they wouldn’t be aware of it. Are you ready to play such pranks that will make your friends go crazy? Then, here you go:

Click-disabled desktop:

This might be an old trick. To get started with this, take a screen shot of the desktop using ‘Print Screen’ tab and copy it in a new document of ‘Paint’. Save this file as BMP file anywhere (say, as xyz1.bmp), except the desktop. The next step you need to do is right-click anywhere on the desktop, select ‘Properties’. Under the tab of ‘Desktop’, click on browse and set “xyz1.bmp” as the desktop background. The last thing you need to do is: right click on desktop, select ‘Arrange icons by’ and uncheck ‘Show desktop icons’. Here you go, the prank is ready where your friend will not be able to click any icons on the desktop.

Inverted desktop:

If you have the image from the first prank, then use it for this trick as well. Open the same, rotate it 180 degrees using ‘Ctrl+R’ and save the file. Make use of it in the similar manner to set the inverted image as the desktop background. Don’t be excited about it instantly, the task bar is still at the bottom of the desktop that may raise some doubt in your friend’s mine. Right click on the desktop, select ‘Properties’ and check the box with an option of ‘Auto hides the taskbar’. Click on ‘OK’ to save the changes and enjoy your friend going crazy about it.

Odd sounds:

You might be aware of the built-in sounds that you hear while doing something. You may hear it during a click, connecting a USB drive or disconnecting it. This happens because of the audio files available in your computer. What if these sounds are replaced by some embarrassing sounds such as ‘snore’ or how about a ‘fart’? Wouldn’t that be great, when your friend makes funny faces on hearing such noises!
All you need to do is search the kind of audio you are looking for, in the internet. Download and save it in “C:/WINDOWS/Media/ “as ‘WAV’ file. Next, you have to go to StartàSettingsàControl Panelà Double click on ‘Sounds and Audio Devices’. Go to ‘Sound’ tab and select the ‘event’ that you want to change. Now, click on ‘Browse’ and navigate the kind of sound you would like to assign to the particular event that you have already saved in your computer. Do not forget to click on ‘OK’ to save the changes. Prank a friend of yours and enjoy their reaction.
Although, computers are usually used for important work, but these simple pranks will let you have some fun in the hectic work place and you will be relaxed from the work pressure. Take a break for a while, prank a friend of yours and entertain yourself. 
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