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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bring The Impressive Performance Out Of Your Old PC!

When your PC starts declining its speed, most of you think of going for a new one. Unfortunately, you spend your hard earned money to buy a new system, when you could have actually tweaked your system a bit, to improve the performance of your old system.

Sooner or later, your new system will again slow down on its performance. Don’t be frustrated and follow the below mentioned tips, to rejuvenate your old system.

Too many startup programs often lead to slow PCs
Is your system booting normally, but taking too much time? It could be the startup programs, which you need to, do something about. Running a tool to disable the startup programs can be a good option. You can use ‘Autoruns’ for this job.

Another option is to use MSConfig utility, which is slightly manual. Go to ‘Run’ or ‘Search’ and type in ‘msconfig’. It will show you the startup tab, uncheck the programs that you do not want to run, after the boot up of the system. Once it is done, restart your PC and see the difference.

Speed up your browsing experience
For surfing, we would suggest you to use Google Chrome, as it is known for the faster pace when compared to other browsers. Do perform a periodic job of clearing out the unnecessary temporary files, from the browser.

In Chrome, you need to go to ‘Clear Browsing Data’ and check the boxes you need to delete periodically.

Less power consumption by light weighted programs
If you’re not in a regular habit of using programs like MS Office or Windows Media Player or any other programs, you can replace them by programs, which do a similar job and consume less RAM space.

For example, MS Office can be replaced by Apache’s Open Office suite, which is an open source program and uses less RAM. Another example could be the replacement of Windows Media Player by VLC Media Player. It will speed up your PC.

Automate the updates
Often a pop up regarding updates may come up, while you’re into something important and you have to click on ‘remind me later’. However you cannot avoid any updates, as they are important for the proper functioning of your system.

Instead of spending hours in installing the updates manually, you can automate them. Automating updates will let you get them downloaded and installed automatically, in your system. To automate update for programs, go to My Computer -> Properties -> Automatic Updates.

Final tip!
Apart from all the above mentioned tips, a simple tip to speed up your PC on a go is to purchase another RAM and upgrade your system.

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Clean the fan periodically, to have a noise-free laptop.

Isn’t it annoying with a noisy laptop? (Or) Doesn’t ‘overheating’ is a matter of concern? These two issues are mainly, because of the dirt accumulated on the fan of your laptop.

Noise could be a disturbing factor, when you’re trying to concentrate on your work. It could be more infuriating, when somebody is trying to sleep in your room and you are working with a noisy laptop.

Overheating is obnoxious, as it could be a deadly reason behind the damage of components around the fan of your laptop. Circuit arrangement of the laptop components is way too compact, which increases the risk factor of the malfunctioning of the components in the closer vicinity of the fan.

You cannot wait to suffer such huge damages, just by being careless and ignorant. Clean the fan periodically, and keep your laptop away from such issues. Here is how you can clean the fan of your laptop.

What do you require to clean the fan?
Please do not accuse yourself with a thought of wiping the laptop’s fan with a cloth or cotton.
You need a screw driver, to remove the screws of the laptop and an air compressor, to blow the air. That is it!

What is the procedure to clean the fan off the dust?

Flip the laptop over and unscrew the back panel of the laptop. Remove the battery and look for the air vent, on the edge of the laptop. You can find an access panel at the bottom, near the outer edge of the laptop.

Unscrew that panel and the fan will be visible to you. Blow puffs of air towards the fan, in the direction of the vent. Remember to control the pressure with which you blow the air out of the compressor, as strong blow of air is more likely, to damage the fan.

After cleaning the fan completely, replace the panel and the battery. You will definitely, see a difference in the heat-up frequency of the fan, and your system will run quieter. This is a good practice, if you follow it periodically to keep up your laptop’s performance. 

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Simple mouse tips that every computer user should be familiar with

Do you know that your mouse is capable of performing many operations, except---right & left click, scrolling and selecting text? Not many users use their mouse to the fullest, and the main reason behind it is the lack of complete knowledge about it.
Read on to find more about the mouse, which you need to use daily.

Double & triple click
This is a common one, perhaps known by all. In order to select a word, you need to double click by placing the cursor on it. To select a paragraph, click it thrice and the paragraph will be selected.

Scroll wheel
Many users would be thinking that mouse wheel is for scrolling purpose. However, it has many other functions, other than scrolling. Let us list them out for you,
  • To open a new tab in the browser, press down the wheel. Also, you can keep the cursor on a link and press down the wheel and the link will open up for you. 
  • Press the ‘Shift’ key, and scroll up & down. You can see the web pages switching between themselves. 
  • Zoom in & zoom out are two tasks that can be done easily. Hold the ‘Ctrl’ key and scroll, scrolling up will let you zoom out the text and scrolling down will zoom in the text.

Use right click
If you need to copy any text of any web page or any other document, highlight the specific text and select ‘copy’ by right clicking on it. The text will be copied and can be pasted anywhere else.

Ctrl key & click
Highlighting multiple texts or selecting multiple files can be made possible by pressing ‘Ctrl’ key and left click. Also, you can select different objects of a document, by the same manner of using the Ctrl key and mouse click. 

Side buttons of mouse
Don’t you have any side button on your mouse? Probably, it is an old kind of mouse. These days you get mice, which have side buttons for different purposes. One of the usual functions is that you can move back to a web page, by pressing the button and it is generally the left thumb button. Other uses are like increasing and decreasing the volume.
Mouse seems to be a small computer peripheral, but it makes many of the operations easy by clicking or pressing. We believe that your know-how about the mouse has improved. The functions are simple, but very useful.

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Monday, 28 January 2013

Deleting Cookies from Opera

Whenever you visit a website, a small text file is created by the web server you communicate with and is saved in your hard drive. This file contains little information like your IP, browsing preference, personal information, etc, that you passed to the website. Now whenever you revisit the site, the web server looks for that file to identify you and to give you a customized user experience based on your browsing preference or your login credentials. Although cookies are convenient when you frequently visit few sites, but it could prove to be a weak point as it is easily hack-able. From time to time, you need to monitor what type of cookies should be barred and what should be allowed, as per your privacy need.

Referrals and Redirections
You can set your Opera browser to determine how web servers should monitor and handle your internet activities. You can go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Network and there you can make selections of the choices you want to make upon cookie creation.

  • Enable Automatic Redirection: Some websites might redirect your web browser to another URL. This mainly happens when the website has moved. However, some viruses also redirect you to another website and if you need control on what website you visit, then you should turn this off.
  • Send Referrer Information: This option allows websites to know where you came from as your visit was referenced by another website. They use this information to tailor content for you. If you don’t want the website to know where you came from, you have to disable this option.
Delete Cookies on exit
To ensure that all information is limited to browser only and cookies are deleted on exiting the browser, go to Settings > Preference > Advanced > Cookies and then check the Checkbox that says “Delete new cookies when exiting Opera”.

Disable Cookies
To entirely disable cookies, go to Settings > Quick Preference and uncheck the Checkbox that says “Enable Cookies.” If you want to enable cookies at some point of time, you can check the Checkbox again to enable cookies.

Invalid Cookies
There are certain types of cookies Opera refuse to accept no matter whether you have set your browser to handle cookies. These are cookies created by top-level domains (ending with .com, .org and .net) and are considered illegal or invalid because websites have unlimited access to these cookies and they can be easily hacked. You can manage cookie settings as follows.

Go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies and select:
  • “Accept” to accept all cookies from every website.
  • “Accept only from the websites I visit” to allow cookies from websites you visit and does not allow cookies from other websites that has their content on the website you are visiting.
  • “Never accept cookies” to restrict from creating any cookies of any website.    
  • “Manage cookies” to customize settings as per your preference.

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Which Web Browser is best for Desktops?

For a long time Internet Explorer reigned over Windows computer. Not that people loved it, but they were out of choices. You crib, you complain, but can’t help but stick to it. But now the competition among web browsers is much more intense than ever. Google Chrome’s knock out versions are gearing up where Mozilla’s Firefox is improving day by day. Internet Explorer has rejuvenated the browser with great things where Opera comes in light occasionally. When it comes to browsers, everyone has their own favorite, but the real question though is- which one should you be using?

There are a couple of parameters upon which a browser’s capability and functioning is decided. Based on what works for you more, you can choose which one should you use.

Best for Speed
All the latest iteration of well-known browsers viz, IE9, Firefox 9, Chrome 16 and Opera 11.6 are good performs. They all deliver jiffy browsing, but in terms of statistics, there are measurable difference it their speed and JavaScript (this eventually affects speed) performance. In browser speed test (Sunspider JavaScript benchmark), Firefox outshined every other browser’s performance with a very impressive marks (189.4ms) where other browsers, Safari scored 219.6ms, IE9 scored 247.9ms, Opera secured 254.3ms and Chrome was the slowest with 291.0ms. This performance was measured without any add-ons or extensions. Once you install any extensions, browser’s speed is ought to dip.

Best for Add-ons
Add-ons are available for all main browsers, but Mozilla’s Firefox takes the edge here as well. It is the most expandable browser and its vast array of add-ons and Greasemonkey scripts, makes it work as one of those Swiss American Knives. Opera is another browser that deserves a special admiration, as it is not just a browser, but integrates email, IRC chat and newsgroup.

Best for Windows 7

Internet Explorer 9 and Opera 11.6 are both very nice on Windows 7. They work perfect  and make good use of jump lists and taskbar pinning. However, Firefox’s performance is unquestionable. Firefox stands out in both speed as well as expandability.

Best for Vista
IE9 gives a tremendous performance on Vista and escalated through Sunspider speed test without any fallback, but Firefox nailed it, even on Vista. Where IE9 gave a speed test score as 193.7ms, Firefox was faster with 192.2ms. And it is not just the speed factor, bust Firefox was better as per features as well.

Best for XP
Microsoft did not make Internet Explorer 9 for its ageing operating system. So, this leaves Firefox 9, Opera 11.6 and Chrome 16 to compete on this. Chrome being the lest resource demanding was able to come out best on Windows XP. This means that Chrome is the best browser to work with, when you are short of resources (for example, netbooks). Chrome works as a boon for people with relatively low spec devices.

Best for Privacy
All of the browsers today offers excellent privacy protection features like privacy browser, warning for suspicious web pages and much more, but Internet Explorer 9 is way ahead from the list. IE9 gives you a tracking protection feature that enables you to subscribe a list that instructs certain websites not to track you. This feature is potentially much more useful than the global “do not Track” option.

Best for HTML5
All major browser support bits of HTML5, but Chrome and Firefox takes the lead with 89% score (both Chrome and Firefox secures the same score). Other browsers like Opera scores 74% and Internet Explorer gives lowest support with 59%.

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bad Sector Is Not Avoidable, But Losing Data Is!

Hard drives are made up of millions of sectors, and each sector is the store house of your data. Eventually, you can see the deterioration of the capacity of the sector to store your data and one day, the sector will go bad completely.

Hard drive failure actually, means the failure of all the sectors that store data. It never happens that all the sectors will go bad on a go, but it is a gradual process. When it starts happening, you will lose the data of that particular sector. This doesn’t mean that your entire hard disk is unusable.

Do not think of repairing the bad sector, as it is not possible. However, you can let the operating system know about this failure, so that it doesn’t make any attempt of storing data in those sectors. For this, you need to perform a check to find the faulty bad sectors, and try to recover data from those sectors. Read on, to find how you can scan the disk for system errors.

How do I run a scan?
•    Double click on the My Computer icon, and have the drive partitions in front of you.
•    Right click on the specific drive and select ‘Properties’.
•    In the ‘Properties’ dialog box, click on the ‘Tools’ tab.
•    Under Tools tab, you have to go for ‘Check Now’. Check Now will give you a dialog box, you need to check both the options and click on ‘Start’. It will check the disk for system errors.

So far, we have discussed about scanning the system for disk errors. You might be thinking about the prevention of bad sectors. Do not avoid the fact that these are mechanical devices and such devices are subjected to failure, sooner or later. We would suggest you few practices that will help you to push back the sector failure stage.

Hardware precautions
•    Keep your system cool and free of dust.
•    Do not make any compromise with the quality of the hardware of your system.
•    Use your computer with shorter data cables.
•    Follow a correct procedure to shut down your system. 

Software precautions
•    Files are usually, scattered in the hard disk and it has to undergo wear & tear. This wear and tear process, for the retrieval of files, could be the reason for a bad sector. A preventive measure could be the usage of a disk defragmenter.
•    Make a habit of using updated antivirus and malware program in your computer. This could also delay the bad sector period.

You cannot deny the fact that there is a life span of every mechanical device and hard disk is not an exception. However, you can scan the disk to detect the bad sectors, to stop using those sectors. This could limit the disk space, but you will not lose the data.

We have discussed certain practices too, to increase the life span of your hard disk. But, always be prepared for the news of its failure, and take backup of the hard disk on a regular basis. 

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Help to a Screwed up Laptop: USB Box

Is your Laptop the culprit of the inconvenience? Then probably I have an idea that can probably help you out. In case when your laptop is suffering with a big issue and the same is keeping you away from your data, in such a situation just that you put out the hard disk and then install into an external USB box. And you would find the option to be great as the USB Box is cheap enough for you to afford, they range from $10-$15. Also the whole process of transfer of the hard disk takes around 5 hours, and I sincerely feel that its worthy to invest. If you use a USB box as the alternate then probably you can easily use all your data and even the ones on internet cafe. Also you can easily transfer it to a CD or take print out, in short you can do whatever you wish to do with the data.

Also the procedure isn’t accustomed to any particular system; rather you can take full of it on all the laptops. The reason behind this is that the hard disk is usually held by 1-2 screws and is very easy to remove. But there is a thing that you should probably keep in mind that this procedure can pay effect on the warranty period of the hard disk, so before going into the process do make sure to read the documents of the machine.

I know the next question, is the service available for all the laptops? And the answer is probably yes for almost all, but I would still mention the exceptions. As you all know the big names of the industry try differing from each other and do the same in this case too, most Apple laptops and some light weight Sony and Toshiba models the hard disk is hard to remove as the laptop has to be disassembled completely to reach it.  Also do remember that if yoru try applying this option to these laptops then it even invalidates your warranty.

Another situation takes birth when you have a sub-laptop that carries a smaller hard disk. Deviating from its standard size of 2.5″ but 1.8″ HDs. Hitachi’s 1.8″ drives have the same pin configuration as the 2.5″, however Toshiba’s 1.8″ drives use their own special pin connectors (they are widely used in the hard disk based iPods). And these facts make the USB box option blurred as finding an external USB for them isn’t easy. In such a case you need to order them before hand.

Also you can give a try to USB enclosures that carries a cable adaptor which features the standard 2.5″ HDs (including Hitachi’s 1.8″) and Toshiba 1.8″ HDs that gives you the privilege to connect them to a standard IDE cable on a desktop PC, so that you can use them.

Do keep in mind that if you’re hard drive is protected by a password then the option of USB box won’t play any importance. In such a situation you can access it would be to connect it directly to another computer by using an IDE adaptor and then remove the password.

I hope the above mentioned solutions play a good dame with your system.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Try these tips, if your system doesn’t show any indication of power up!

If your system encounters a problem after turning it on, you can try to troubleshoot the issue. What if your computer does not power on? Don’t panic and get annoyed, thinking that you cannot make any attempt to troubleshoot this issue. There are certain steps that you can follow, to troubleshoot this problem as well.
There are few basic tweaks, which can solve this infuriating problem such as: turning on the power button at the front, turning on the power button at the back of the system or turning off/on the switches on the power surge. If these small tweaks do not prove to be fruitful, then get into little depth.

Reach out for the cable and make sure that the cable is not broken or unplugged from the system. This may sound simple; however it is one of the most common happenings.

Check on the input voltage supply to the computer. If, it doesn’t match up to the standard voltage levels that is set for your country, then it wouldn’t provide the power that is needed by your system. Ultimately, the system will not turn on.

Are you sure that the outlet meant to supply power, is working well? Often, it happens that users check the system for certain kind of failure, but they forget to check the source of the power. Now, if you have a testing device like multimeter at home, then conduct a simple test to find out whether the power is flowing from the source or not. You can also conduct a ‘lamp test’ to be sure of the same. Do not forget to check the working of power surge, if you are using one.

Another task you can do is checking the status of the power unit in your system. It may happen that all the other components of the computer are working well, but the power unit is no more working well. Perform a test and replace the power unit, if required.

Sometimes, the power button could be damaged. It could happen that your system is not receiving the power because of a ‘not functioning’ power button. It is a rare kind of behavior, but may occur.
Let us assume that you have performed all the tests that we have cited above during a power failure, but the problem still persists. In such a case, it is extremely possible that your motherboard is not working well and it is time to replace it.

After all, computers are machines that subject to failures. So, do not be upset because of that. Rather, have some patience to solve the issues. If you’re facing an issue with the powering up of your system, try the above tweaks and the problem that seemed to be too big, could be solved within no time.

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Give your System a new shape: Upgrade It!

How’s your system doing, is it breathing in its last moments? Are you planning to throw it or dump it in the garbage box? If yes then I have a better idea to save your system, you can do much more with it. You can put its many of the components to a productive use. If speaking about the list of components then I would rank the computer case as one of the most re-usable component given the condition that it isn’t totally in a good shape. You can just remove the obsolete and totally old patterned hardware parts and replace it with the newer ones and of the latest versions.

And now you might be wondering the components that you can plan to replace, so for your facilitation I have listed many of the replacements below:

Make it Memory Efficient:
First of all you need to wisely select a good memory for your system, as adding more memory to your computer is a great way to enjoy faster response times and prevent hang-ups. I would suggest you to give a start with minimum of 512MB of RAM and if you find the right and well bargained price then surely this won’t cost you very high.

Extend Hard Disk Drives:
Another most usable component is the hard disk drive installed in your older PC, and your just need to apprehend the memory storage in your hard disk. You can even try to plug in another hard drive or two and increase not just your hard drive space but also your computer’s speed. And probably get a great response with all this.

CD/DVD Drive:
Was your old computer stuck up with the floppy disk drive? Then you need to surely change it, as it is the time for much better, do get a CD/DVD drive. And when you have a CD/DVD drive you can do much better things with it, like back up important files, listen to music, and watch videos.

New Graphics Card:
So when gaming is in, then why do you wish to stay back? So make your PC a gamer, so that it may become appropriate enough for the latest games and this can happen when you get it an equally modern graphics card. As a matter of fact graphic card is equipped with the quality to increase the speed of PC games and graphics applications. Also the graphic card gives you more access to more colours and off course a high quality resolution.

Increase the Monitor Screen:
Now when you are giving full time to your PC then at the same time it’s even good to switch to a larger screen. Also you can take full out of the high variety if prices in the market. I would suggest you for a 19-inches screen as anything below 15-inches will create problem for you to view the applications clearly. You can opt for an LCD or CRT, whichever you like best, but if space is also a constraint then a LCD is suggestible.

Ride a fastened and a Furious Mouse:
Make your computer ride faster with a fast and a well working mouse. And if you are a gamer then having a fast mouse will always be a part of your choice. For a gaming system a mouse more than 800 dpi will be suggestible. But if your system will be restricting to some office applications only then a decent 400 dpi mouse will do well with you.

So now if you are planning to dump your PC then give it a thought, as upgrading could prove to be a great option. But do remember upgrading can cost you well only if you spend wisely.

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fix System Errors with No Sweat

A windows system needs to be handled carefully, isn’t it? Prompt me if I am wrong, but I am confident that I am not. But even that’s true, that one cannot stay himself from a Windows system, as it works faster than other OS. So in such a situation the users are left with just one option and that is to work fast, but carefully. But in few situations installing the precautions isn’t enough rather you should keep the solutions ready in your back-up list. And flowing in the same thread I have listed a set of issues and their needed solutions.

My Taskbar isn’t showing am I alive or Dead
Setting up a taskbar on the Windows 7 screen is surely a favourable option for you but at times people seems to be distracted from their views. It has been observed that Windows 7 taskbar has important icons but it is difficult to tell at a glance whether an icon is a running application or a pinned shortcut. If reading the above line makes you feel much familiar then there is an easy way to restore the trustworthy standard taskbar back in place. For recurring it back you need to right-click the taskbar, select Properties, and set Taskbar Buttons to "Never combine" or "Combine when taskbar is full".

Also there is another way that can bring your standard taskbar back with just few brainy clicks. So to make your recovery intelligent simply right-click the taskbar, click Toolbars > New Toolbar, type %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch in the folder box and click Select Folder. At these actions your screen should show the Quick Launch toolbar and when that is so, you can simply move and then resize it according to your convenience.

Just a few seconds work and your taskbar has that retro look

Panic Attack: Explorer folders are missing
For this illness to be cured, just click Start > Computer in Windows 7 and with the clicking of future mentioned events, you'll find system folders like Control Panel and the Recycle Bin are no longer displayed in the left-hand Explore pane. When this happens you really feel handicapped and thrown back, but not to panic we have a quick-fixing solution for it. For this just click Tools > Folder Options, check "Show all folders", click OK and all your top-level system folders will reappear. Congrats!!! All is done.

So, here ends the set of issues that I did list for you and your convenience. There are many more to be listed and probably soon I’ll knock your page with much more easier solutions.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Clear Your System’s Mess: Simple Solvable Steps

A Windows PC never comes without the list of to be occurred issues. But this doesn’t mean that Windows are a bad choice, rather the simplest concept behind is that no gadget is flawless- it comes with a manual guide. So, before you end up being in an irritating situation it better to have a solution guide ready in your backups. And for the same cause I have listed the set of best solutions that can be complied with the problems.
Fix Windows driver problems
Version: XP, Vista, 7

As a matter of mere concern, when your hardware is troubling you, you end up suspecting the drivers for the same reason also they are the software that enables them to work with Windows. And thus its suggestible that when you need to end up yourself in tracking the problem you should just check the Windows' own Device Manager – now before you start fumbling that how will your troubleshoot it, let me figure out the steps that you should take to get out of trouble.

Step1. Open Device Manager
First step starts with pressing [Windows] + [R], and type "devmgmt. msc" and then press [Enter]. And after this you are required to give a serious look to the yellow exclamation marks next to troublesome hardware devices and double-click one.

Step 2.Get error details
After this your are required to look around the General Tab to detect an error code and the descriptions about your problem once done with this just press the troubleshoot button, you do it just to confirm that can the error be rectified easily?

Step 3.Search online
In case you don’t end up resolving the issue then use the error details as part of your web search – on a first lace try to search on a general basis but if you still don’t find anything useful then add your hardware's make and model.

Resolve ReadyBoost conflict
Version: Vista, 7

As it’s known that PC’s are qualified with the ability to use only one ReadyBoost device at a time, also at times it happens that few computers have built-in flash memory that are beforehand well configured for use with ReadyBoost.

Now when you don’t have such a self facilitating system you need to resolve this conflict click Start, right click Computer and select Manage, then under Storage choose "Disk Management" this step is done to simply verify the existence of such a drive. After this give a look for the program baptised as Intel Turbo Memory Console (type "Intel" into the Start menu's Search box) and then simply open it deactivate the built-in drive so that the error may stop hampering your speed.

So these were two of the commonly occurring issues that could hamper your concentration, so take in the easy steps as soon as they hit you.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Don’t let computer noise be your headache!

Who likes having a noisy computer? Of course, none likes it. It is pretty annoying, when you are playing a game or listening to songs and your PC produces weird noises. It also disturbs a person, who is reading or working in the same room.

It can be worse and could be expensive when this problem occurs, so it is always good to take up certain precautionary measures before this unfortunate thing happens. Read on, to find out the practices that you can follow to avoid and solve noise issues of your PC.   

Try changing the place of your PC
It might sound very simple and computer user might be skeptical about adapting this idea. However, it has been noticed that if you move your PC off the computer desk, there will be reduction in the noise level. 

Make use of ‘Power Management’ of your PC
Hard disk is the major source of noise. So, it is always advised to spin it down when it is not in use. How do I do it? It can be done easily by controlling it from the BIOS of the system. You need to enable the setting of spinning the hard disk down, when it is inactive. This task can be accomplished using the PowerManagement features of BIOS. 

Too many fans could be an issue
There is no denying the fact that fans are meant for cooling down the system, which are awfully needed to control over heating of the system. However, too many of them could contribute to the increase in noise level. An alternate solution could be the usage of an insulated case, which can absorb the heat produced by your system. 

Ensure proper enclosure of the computer case
If you do not fit the computer case well, it is extremely possible that the noise being produced internally may flow out because of lack of shielding. It is therefore, needed that you fasten the clutches of the case well. 

Replace the fan, if necessary
Many a times, it happens that fan is a reason behind the noise being produced in your system. We would suggest you to clean the fan, before taking any decision. If the problem still persists, then go for a new fan and a new fan wouldn’t cost you more than $10. 

Computer is the need of human for his daily activity. If it is noisy, then it may give you a headache, which may ruin your work. Reducing the noise of your system will give you a pleasant environment to work in and a great working experience. 

Follow few of these practices, before ending up with a noisy computer.  

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Do good to your Hard Disk: Symptoms and Troubleshooting steps

Is the Hard Disk of your laptop hardening your computer speed? Hard Disk is the one that keeps on troubling you at a weighed interval, and I bet till the time you carry a system you need to know all about your Hard Disk. Because as a matter of fact the Hard Disk problem are the most important computer issues that needs a quick assistance also when you have a Laptop you should be aware of them as Hard Disk troubles more in Laptops as compared to Desktops. The laptop HD can be categorized as a touch-me-not, as it hampers even if you drop it a few inches while it is working or you knock it hard. So, the crux of the story is that you need to hold your laptop very carefully.

Beware: When such happens
  • ·         Do take it seriously when while starting  Windows your screen goes blue or the laptop screen shows “UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME”, “hal.dll is missing or corrupt” or “WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM” (or similar) is missing or corrupt. If your screen keeps on hampering you with such things, then it’s high time to wake up as such messages indicate a file system problem. At times such problems can be easily solved by just scanning the HD for errors. But I won’t suggest you to take the problem lightly as in more than half of the problems indicate that the bad days have started for HD and is probably developing bad sectors.
  • ·         Also at times it happens that your Laptop screen freezes with “Windows XP”, although the blue bar continues to move and you can hear feint but continuous clicking. This simply wants to tell you that your Hard Disk is too sick and needs to be replaced soon.
  • ·         Do give this problem a wholesome attention when your laptop starts a starts making loud clicks or grinding sounds and Windows doesn’t load. This is also a clear indication that the Hard disk has to be replaced.
  • ·         In case nothing happens when you start your system but after sometime it starts showing a message (usually on a black screen) “SMART test failed. Backup your data immediately and replace the hard disk” or something similar to it. Not to be wrong this simply means that S.M.A.R.T. is a self-test that is build into the hard disk.

Generally starting the laptop with a “live” bootable CD and everything works normal. Only in few cases it happens that the HDs PCB (printed circuit board) may short or even burn. If any such disasters happen then surely your system won’t start unless you remove the HD.
Fix It soon- ways to Troubleshoot
As a matter of fact the first mentioned case occurs most commonly. But there are several methods that may probably help you to know what is exactly troubling you. And so are the methods to fix them keeping in mind that you should be fit to do this. In case this was a part of a software issue those surely your HD wouldn’t have troubled you. Also keep yourself mentally prepared for the fact that this may even occur because of deterioration and backup daily!
To bare the loss will cost you allot so it’s better so play with some preventions. It’s great if you keep a look on the errors in a gap of every few days or at least try and do it once in a week.  And if you wish to do this then firstly you must be logged in an admin account, then right-click the “C” drive in “My Computer”, select “Properties”, then “Tools”, then click on the “Check Now” button.  After this don’t forget to select both boxes and click on “Start”. Windows will tell you that the hard disk cannot be checked now but you can schedule a check for the next restart. Click “OK” and restart the laptop.  And after this the check will acquire at least 30-40 min of yours but this may even extend for two hours, so if you’re planning it then probably think of it when you don’t have things to do on your laptop.
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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Best methods to create a backup of your data!

Safety of data is one of the most important practices that one should be conscious about. If you do not care about creating a back up of your data, then you cannot expect your data to be safe, in case of any mishap. Instead of keeping your data in one place and keep worrying about it, you can take back up of it and be relaxed.

Here are few of the backup methods that you can follow, according to your convenience.

Create a disk image

A disk image of a drive partition can be created by using a software tool. This software copies every bit of the drive, be it your data files or temporary files or the settings of the drive. Following this practice, you can restore all the information of a partition in a fresh drive partition. This is said to be the best practice, based upon the tests that have been carried out. Also, most of the corporations deploy this practice to create a backup of their valuable data. 

Acron is True Image and Norton Ghost is two of the disk imaging software’s, which are extremely trustworthy. 

Back up your files in another hard drive

Another method is to copy the content of your existing hard drive into another hard drive. Also, you can go for an external hard drive. Remember that both extra and external hard drives are also subjected to failure, so you cannot be relaxed completely by taking a backup in those devices. Also, unlike disk images, this kind of backup will allow you to restore only the data and not the drive settings. 

Keeping the ‘long existence factor’ in mind, you can use DVD media to save your files because it has a long life period. 

Online backup service

The popularity of ‘Online backup services’ is gradually, gearing up. There are few factors that make online backup service as the most used one. 

It allows a user to store huge data, for free. Beyond a certain limit of storage capacity, a fee is being charged. Unlike other backup practices, this method is safe from any kind of natural disaster or theft.
Online backup service saves your data by making use of huge clustered servers, which can tolerate most of the disasters. 

Creating a backup is one of the best practices, which keeps you away from any kind of tension, about the safety of your data. We have listed few of the methods to create a backup, choose any one of them and have a better computing experience. 

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Identifying and healing Windows’ Boot up Issues

Despite of the widespread use of Windows operating system, none of the Windows user is unaware of its now and then occurring issues and boot up issue is one of them. Putting it simple, Boot up issues are those failures in which your machine is not able to start up properly. Reason could be software or hardware incompatibility, corrupt software, malicious content, missing system files, outdated drivers, failed hardware components, etc. However, diagnosing boot up issues is trickier than understanding what it is. Here are few procedures that you can follow to identify and heal boot up issues.
First of All 
The first move towards Windows boot up issue is identifying what is happening different in your computer from usual. If you have recently installed a new hardware component, new software or updated drivers, then this might be the reason for the boot up issue. Sometimes, the updates from Microsoft’s website cause Windows Boot up issues.
Identifying any other Cause
If you have not made any change recently or you are certain that, the change you made is not the reason for this issue then the second thought should head towards hardware failure, data corruption or malware attacks.
Listen to the Beeps
When you boot up your computer try to listen to the beeping signals. These are not just some random noises but indications for different problems. A beep code is generated during POST (Power on Self Test) when BIOS encounters some issues and hasn’t booted enough to display an error message on your computer screen. All major BIOS manufacturer has a specific set of beep codes that are generated during POST. If your computer is suffering from a boot up issue, u\you can use another computer that has internet access to look for the meaning of the beep code that your system is generating. You will be provided with the steps to follow in order to rectify the problem. However, if your computer doesn’t have an internal speaker, you will not be able to listen to the beep code.
If the Issues is Hardware Related
For any hardware issue, be it hardware component failure or incompatibility of a new hardware component, you can simply get that component replaced and reinstall the new component along with supporting drivers. This will probably be enough to rectify the problem caused.
If the Issues is Software Related
Software issues like corrupt drivers, missing system files, malware attacks etc, can be rectified by booting your computer in safe mode. Safe mode is where you get limited set of services and you can get software issues resolved through this mode.
-AmyClaus. She is a blogger and she have a peak suggestion to fix your computer problems remotely with Mytechgurus Online Support. Subcribe us on computer security.