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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Try these tips, if your system doesn’t show any indication of power up!

If your system encounters a problem after turning it on, you can try to troubleshoot the issue. What if your computer does not power on? Don’t panic and get annoyed, thinking that you cannot make any attempt to troubleshoot this issue. There are certain steps that you can follow, to troubleshoot this problem as well.
There are few basic tweaks, which can solve this infuriating problem such as: turning on the power button at the front, turning on the power button at the back of the system or turning off/on the switches on the power surge. If these small tweaks do not prove to be fruitful, then get into little depth.

Reach out for the cable and make sure that the cable is not broken or unplugged from the system. This may sound simple; however it is one of the most common happenings.

Check on the input voltage supply to the computer. If, it doesn’t match up to the standard voltage levels that is set for your country, then it wouldn’t provide the power that is needed by your system. Ultimately, the system will not turn on.

Are you sure that the outlet meant to supply power, is working well? Often, it happens that users check the system for certain kind of failure, but they forget to check the source of the power. Now, if you have a testing device like multimeter at home, then conduct a simple test to find out whether the power is flowing from the source or not. You can also conduct a ‘lamp test’ to be sure of the same. Do not forget to check the working of power surge, if you are using one.

Another task you can do is checking the status of the power unit in your system. It may happen that all the other components of the computer are working well, but the power unit is no more working well. Perform a test and replace the power unit, if required.

Sometimes, the power button could be damaged. It could happen that your system is not receiving the power because of a ‘not functioning’ power button. It is a rare kind of behavior, but may occur.
Let us assume that you have performed all the tests that we have cited above during a power failure, but the problem still persists. In such a case, it is extremely possible that your motherboard is not working well and it is time to replace it.

After all, computers are machines that subject to failures. So, do not be upset because of that. Rather, have some patience to solve the issues. If you’re facing an issue with the powering up of your system, try the above tweaks and the problem that seemed to be too big, could be solved within no time.

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