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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Identifying and healing Windows’ Boot up Issues

Despite of the widespread use of Windows operating system, none of the Windows user is unaware of its now and then occurring issues and boot up issue is one of them. Putting it simple, Boot up issues are those failures in which your machine is not able to start up properly. Reason could be software or hardware incompatibility, corrupt software, malicious content, missing system files, outdated drivers, failed hardware components, etc. However, diagnosing boot up issues is trickier than understanding what it is. Here are few procedures that you can follow to identify and heal boot up issues.
First of All 
The first move towards Windows boot up issue is identifying what is happening different in your computer from usual. If you have recently installed a new hardware component, new software or updated drivers, then this might be the reason for the boot up issue. Sometimes, the updates from Microsoft’s website cause Windows Boot up issues.
Identifying any other Cause
If you have not made any change recently or you are certain that, the change you made is not the reason for this issue then the second thought should head towards hardware failure, data corruption or malware attacks.
Listen to the Beeps
When you boot up your computer try to listen to the beeping signals. These are not just some random noises but indications for different problems. A beep code is generated during POST (Power on Self Test) when BIOS encounters some issues and hasn’t booted enough to display an error message on your computer screen. All major BIOS manufacturer has a specific set of beep codes that are generated during POST. If your computer is suffering from a boot up issue, u\you can use another computer that has internet access to look for the meaning of the beep code that your system is generating. You will be provided with the steps to follow in order to rectify the problem. However, if your computer doesn’t have an internal speaker, you will not be able to listen to the beep code.
If the Issues is Hardware Related
For any hardware issue, be it hardware component failure or incompatibility of a new hardware component, you can simply get that component replaced and reinstall the new component along with supporting drivers. This will probably be enough to rectify the problem caused.
If the Issues is Software Related
Software issues like corrupt drivers, missing system files, malware attacks etc, can be rectified by booting your computer in safe mode. Safe mode is where you get limited set of services and you can get software issues resolved through this mode.
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