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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

How to Speed Up the Performance of Windows 7

With Windows 7, Microsoft did an excellent job making your system perform and function well. However, with time, Windows 7 might lose its efficiency and become slow, thus it becomes important to take some extra care to redeem its former glory. Certainly you do not have to live up with a machine that is unbearably slow. Finally the wait is over! Here are some steps that can make Windows 7 very fast and reliable.

Steps to Make Windows 7 Run Faster

Step 1: Registry Tweaks

Download the ZIP file, extract and run the file. When asked for confirmation, accept it. Thereafter, restart your computer.

Step 2: Right click on the computer icon on the desktop and select properties or users can also press WIN+ Pause/Break keys. Click on Advanced system settings located on the left side panel. You are also free to open it directly by entering sysdm.cpl command in the start menu search box or Run. Click ‘Settings’ in the performance section.

You would then be directed to another window. Disable all the unnecessary options in the Visual Effects tab. However, you can enable the following options as per your needs and requirements.

• Aero Peak (For aero peak feature)
• Desktop Composition (To use Windows Aero Theme)
• Transparent Glass (For usage of transparency in Windows)
• Show Window contents while dragging
• Show thumbnails despite of the icons.
• Use visual styles on Windows and buttons (If you wish to use basic theme or Windows Aero)

• Screen fonts with smooth edges.
• Show drop shadows for icon labels.

Step 3: Open up Windows Explorer and move to “Organize-> Folder and search options”. Click on the ‘view’ tab.

Disable the underlying options:

• Hide extensions for known file types.
• Show file size information in the folder tips.
• Display pop-up description for desktop and folder items.

• Show compressed or encrypted NTFS files in color.

Step 4: Right click on computer icon and select Manage. Users can also open directly by entering services.msc command in the startup menu search box or in Run.

Move to Services & Applications- > Services. It is here where you can set certain unwanted services to Manual, so that these services do not start up automatically and also you can get a much quicker startup.

Step 5: Type msconfig in startup menu or Run and press Enter. Now, disable all the undesired startup entries by moving to Startup tab. Users can disable Sound Card Utility, Graphics Card Driver Utility etc. in order to speed up system startup and Enhance the Performance of The System.

Step 6: Open Sound applet located in the Control Panel. Now move to Sounds tab and select No Sounds from the Sound Scheme section. You can enable some of your favorite sounds; however, ensure to set Windows Log off, Exit Windows, Windows Logon and Start Navigation to (None). It is also important to disable ‘Play Windows Startup Sound’ option for the purpose to deactivate the sound clip that is played at the login screen.

Step 7: Also install the software that is necessary. Always keep your Windows up-to-date and make use of latest device drivers.

Follow the aforesaid points and Upgrade the performance of Windows 7.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Computer & Internet Security - Vital Part of Computing Today

Do you shop online regularly? Do you browse different websites on regular basis? If yes then computer and internet security is a vital part of computing. History repeats itself’- this is a belief of everyone and this is an appropriate statement in terms of online threats as well. Cyber criminals or hackers are spreading malware, viruses, adware or spyware in the form of email attachments or whenever you browse internet. They use new technologies or techniques in order to steal your banking details or other information.

With the emergence of different social networking sites, most precisely ‘Facebook’, it really makes sense to stay educated with the present security risks related to Facebook. It would be so good if we do not have to worry about the threats in the very first place, however unluckily; this highly used social networking site is not spare from the budding security dangers.

Now the question is how do you stay up-to-date with the most cutting-edge security news? From where can you learn about the online attacks and the latest threats in order to protect your self? From where can you get the appropriate internet security solutions to fight viruses or other malicious activities? With security in your mind, be it you are a renowned company or just a common individual, it is very important to understand the technology if your prime concern is preventing the privacy breaches and data loss.

Talking about internet security, it is more precisely a tree branch of computer safety explicitly related to the internet, encompassing network security on a general level and of course browser security. The main objective of it is to develop measures and rules to be used in order to fight against the dangers of World Wide Web. In order to protect your computer from several online threats emerging in the day-today world, installing antivirus is the best way to secure your system. Such protection suite when installed is efficient in securing a programmable device from spyware and malware and eliminates viruses at the initial stage.

Computer and Internet Security is the prime concern in today’s world. To combat the worry, many leading companies have come up providing efficient security to your system. With the increasing numbers, MyTechGurus is an independent provider of technical support for your computer system. The company strives hard to keep your PC secured and your personal data safe.

Henceforth, learn the techniques or approach MyTechGurus for complete protection of your computer.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Eliminate the Risk of Online Threats with Computer Security and Internet

Today, internet is becoming a breeding ground for almost all the companies and a latent gateway as well offering vast potential for businesses. These days, most of the transactions are done online with much ease and convenience. As per the Symantec and the National Cyber Security Alliance, approximately 65% of the small firms claim the internet is perilous to the success of their business yet only 28% of the businesses in US acquire formal internet security policies and only 35% offer teaching to employees on internet security and safety. Truly saying, internet security threats can impair the functioning of your business, affecting customer satisfaction and profitability. Not only the businesses experience loss of huge amount of money to internet scams and cyber criminals but also the safety of the customers is compromised. Computer security and internet in today’s world have become a grave issue for all businesses- small or large.

Internet Security- Its Meaning

Security of the internet as defined ‘is the practice of preserving and defending private information and resources online. It is more specifically a tree branch of the safety and security of the computer associated to the internet concerning of the matters related to network and browser security on a general level as it includes the operating system and other applications as a whole. The main motive of Computer Security and Internet is to form various rules and procedures to be applied against the attacks over the World Wide Web. The internet is undoubtedly an apprehensive channel of exchanging data or information causing high peril of fraud or intrusion like phishing. Various approaches are being utilized to shield the transfer of the information comprising encryption.

Why Internet Security

In the corporate world, information is exchanged via internet wherein individuals communicate, buy and sell goods online with the help of credit cards. Much of the confidential data and other secrets are readily shared via internet. This paves the way to computer internet issues making a route for the data to get exchanged leading to unauthenticated interruption, deception and other security matters. This is the main reason why online security risks management tips should be highlighted for the benefit of the computer users and business alike. The online security measures work as barricades blocking the access of hackers with the help of per-programmed agendas. These programs would inspect the potential threat as it goes through specific tests further eradicating all chances of budding threats and hackers.

Different Kinds of Security Include

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)

Such protocol is developed in order to shield the communication in a much secured way with the help of internet protocol suite. Most importantly, it is a set of security extensions established by Internet Task force IETF and it offers authentication and safety at the IP layer by means of changing the data with the help of encryption.

Network Layer Security

TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. The internet protocol can be protected using the protocols and cryptographic methods.

Security Token

Many of the websites provide the clients the capability to make use of six digit code that randomly transforms every 30-60 seconds upon a security token. It is used to verify one’s identity electronically.

Pretty Good Privacy

Such security measures offer confidentiality through data files to be stored or encrypting messages to be transmitted with the help of an encryption algorithm like CAST-128 and Triple DES.

Electronic mail security

The security of electronic mail from unauthorized inspection and access is termed as electronic mail security or electronic privacy.

So, make use of the above security measures and become secured in the world of internet.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Computer Performance & Optimization- Great Way to Enhance the Efficiency of your PC

In today’s computer world, Computer Performance & Optimization solutions are highly in demand. With so many programs running on your system, your PC would eventually start performing slow. These days, computers can handle massive amount of operations, however, no matter how expensive and efficient the PC is, it tends to work slow at some point of time. Are you a computer user and do you find that the performance of your PC is decreasing day by day? If this is the case then improve the efficiency of your system with computer performance optimization. Here in this write up, there are some simple methods to optimize the performance of your PC.

Methods Involved in Optimizing the Speed of the Computer

• Wipe out all the junks from your system. It is vulnerable if your computer is full of trash files and if you go on downloading more and more programs download music etc. it can prove to be a hindrance for your desktop or laptop. So, it is essential to delete all the unwanted files. Delete the temporary files, remove manually or run disk cleanup.
• Also, rearrange the computer every now and then. Arrange the files and free up the disk space for better performance.

However, how will you get to know that your PC requires performance optimization? Here are some of the symptoms that would make you realize the same.

• Blue screens/ crashing/Freezing.
• Shuts down automatically, slow speed.
• Takes long time to open up a document or a program.
• Unexpected errors.
• Internet runs extremely slow.
• Often asks for disk fragmentation and disk clean up.

If you are not a master in optimizing the performance of your system, give it into the hands of an expert. If hunting for a technician is your main concern, then Techies Choice serves to be the best. It offers services for both Mac and PC. Its services include-

• Browser & Email support
• Home wireless network
• Spyware and virus removal
• Internet and computer security
• Recovery and back up of hard drive.

Henceforth, so take up the effective services of Techies Choice and enhance the performance of your computer.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Browser & Email Support - Mytechgurus

Web browsers and email accounts are the most accessed applications in a computer. Most people either liketo pass free time surfing the net or work with the emails. Your internet surfing experience can get bitter if your browser doesn’t work properly. The right tech support company can get you out of these browser and email account troubles. MyTechGurus is an ace tech support provider and it offers solution for all computer problems. The email applications and web browser services include:

• Outlook
• Gmail
• Windows Live
• Social Networking Accounts
• Internet Explorer
• Firefox
• Chrome

The list goes on. To avail the benefits of our services, all you need to do is give us a call on our toll free helpline number and speak to the availabletech expert. After jotting downyour problems, our tech expert will take remote access of your computer and start the troubleshooting process.

Our unique method of remote troubleshooting makes it so convenient for you to take assistance and everything happens virtually and your involvement is least needed. So you don’t have to waste your time at all. The method of remote troubleshooting we use is 100 percent safe and secure.

Our Browser and Email Support service includes:

• Configure outlook to work with Gmail, hotmail, etc
• Enhance browser security
• Setup online email account
• Troubleshoot browser to improve speed
• Troubleshoot Outlook and other email software
• Back up emails, contacts, and calendars
• Configure Outlook to work with Gmail, Hotmail, etc.;
• Create distribution lists from the Outlook contacts; and
• Create specific email rules for better usage or enable auto replies to the mails you receive;
• Prevent SPAM (unsolicited emails) from reaching your inbox;
• Troubleshoot Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.

Henceforth, take up the services of Mytechgurus and solve your browser problems immediately.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Set up and Installation Support - Mytechgurus

Are you trying hard to setup or install new software on your PC? You spent hours, but couldn’t install it successfully? Do not panic because MyTechGurus is there to help you with set up and installation problems. Set up and installation issues are very common and occur with various other software and applications. Our technicians fix the problem in a minimum possible time so that you can get started with your work and finish it before deadline without any trouble. We proffer support for all set up and installation maladies.

MyTechGurus also lend its hands to customize the settings of your PC according to your preferences. Our technicians can also optimize your computers and laptops to enliven the performance and boost up the responsiveness of your PCs.
MyTechGurus is a premium service provider that supports Windows and Mac. With our installation service, you can have a peace of mind that your operating system is safeguarded against attacks and all prevailing dangers. We are all here to offer you personalized custom solution that fulfills your work as well as personal needs.

MyTechGurus caters Support for following Areas

 Setup faults
 XP, Vista, windows 7 Setup
 Setup Pre-checks
 Others

You just need to tap you finger on our toll-free number in order to get our sterling technical support for your computer. Once you get in touch with us, you just have to sit back and relax while our customers will solve all your problems.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Computer Tech Support - Let No Technical Issues Hamper Your Computing Experience!

With the emergence of abundant professional computer tech support solutions, none of the PC and laptop user feels the urge to pay visit to a regular computer repair workshop. Computer technical support plans cover comprehensive technical issues in computers and laptops - many of these technical errors are virus issues, software & hardware installation & troubleshooting problems and computer optimization troubles.

Across different countries - the US, the UK, Canada and Australia - there are thousands of technical support providers that serve home users and business enterprises with instant, affordable and stead-fast IT support solutions. You can contact any one of them depending upon your location and seek reliable technical support solutions for diagnosing, troubleshooting and fixing tech issues in your devices. Ensure you go online to find out a trusted and well-reputed online computer tech support providing company that can happily serve you with the desired set of technical support solutions. There are service providers offering vast array of service plans, you have the leverage to pick any of them that fits well in your budget and meets your end-to-end requirements.

Online Technical Assistance

Evidently, while looking for professional IT support, convenience is the biggest factor. And nothing else can match the flexibility to get your computer fixed at home/ in office, without compromising your comfort. Online computer tech support services allow PC and laptop users to comfortably sit in front of their machine and share their technical concerns with the IT support agent over the phone or through online chat/ email. You have the convenience to pick preferred way of assistance, and hence, enjoy making the right choice!

Through online technical support, the support technician asks you to share access permissions of your computer and facilitate remote screen sharing technology to enable him/ her to view what is actually going in your computer screen. Once the access credentials are shared with the expert and highly trained IT support agent, the professional takes few minutes to understand what is wrong with your device. After thorough analysis of the computer system, the support technician can identify the error and speak you about the estimated cost that you might need to spend to resolve the issues. If you can really afford the estimated service price, ask the agent to go further with the solutions. Making payments is really easy and you can seek reliable payment methods to protect your personal credit card information from the online.

Due to rising competition there are many computer tech support vendors in the industry, it is important to look for the one that capably serve you with the most beneficial and trusted computer repair services helping you to go long-term.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Computer Maintanence and Optimization at Mytechgurus

Most of us have heard of many Yuga’s predicted by lord Krishna. And presently we are in a computer generation where computers and laptops has become a part of our professional as well as our daily life. We carry it everywhere we go and we make the most use of it. But when it comes to the matter of our computer’s maintenance we don’t give much due to it. Most of these people have no idea that the cause behind our PC getting slower and slower day by day is not the fact that the parts are going wrong but actually the operating system and certain parts badly needs pc optimization in order to get back to their normal functioning and pace. The operating system can be easily revitalized by a professional, hard drive could be altered and also the drivers could be updated. There may be many professionals out there that can help you with computer maintenance & optimization support but there are a few that stand out and one among them is Mytechgurus. Normally all of these tech support companies can offer you support via phone, email or even by live chat. They can remotely offer us advice on how we could improve our computer's performance and also its security. The step by process of computer maintenance and optimization provided by Mytechgurus is as follows,

1.) On the first place is the hard drive optimization that includes defragmentation of the hard drive itself which not only intensify the speed of the unit by a large margin but it also makes it more dependable. After you defragmented your hard drive a good option is to back it up, so in case anything goes wrong ever again you can restore all of your previous work at a push of a button.

2.) Removal of Malware and spyware removal. It is not necessary that a computer would stay malware free throughout its life span. Most of the computers are prone to these virus attacks. These can be deleted either by an experienced user or with the help of a professional from a tech support company. An advantage of removing them is that they include better security and a lot more quick and responsive PC.

3.) Then is the main course. That is the Computer performance and optimization. This is obviously the hardest thing to do for someone who isn’t an adept in computers. This actually includes updating all of the computer's drivers, updating and maintaining the archives of the operating system as well as by uninstalling all kinds of redundant software.

In closure the Computer Maintenance & Optimization Help can be carried out via phones without much hassle.. This will give you a ton of avails like improving the computer faster, safer and easier to use as well as to increase its lifespan.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Microsoft tech support by My Tech Gurus

Microsoft is one of the big named Software Companies in the world and it can be called a pioneer right from the beginning of computers. The organization appears before the users with an expanded -set range of software and hardware products. In terms of proceedings, Microsoft stands at the top most position among other software companies. Be it many years, but Microsoft’s Windows Operating System and MS Office Products are widely used applications across the world. From operating systems, games, to applications of general use, office use, applications for software development, etc. there isn’t any section or part that Microsoft has not made an attempt in. Microsoft’s innovative, Surface, is declared to be the most admired tech gadgets this year.

The avail of Microsoft has widened so are it’s adverse. Microsoft problems are equally common to those with any other software. And the best solution to any problems with Microsoft products can be provided MyTechGurus. MyTechGurus is an independent online technical support that offers whole Technical Support regarding any issues with the Microsoft products. Here is the list of the technical support for Microsoft rendered by Mytechgurus,

• Problem while installing Windows Operating System (any version)
• Blue Screen of Death as well as Black Screen of Death
• Virus and other Malware issues
• Issues regarding the upgrading of the OS from one version to another
• Problem while configuring security suite like Microsoft Security Essential and that while installing other security suites on Windows PC
• Issues with web browsers
• Slow PC problem
• Registry Errors and Problem with BIOS
• Issues while installing drivers or applications on your Windows computer
• Compatibility issues among different applications
• Hardware compatibility issues
You need not look the time to call Mytechgurus when your Microsoft has lately broken down. Their technician provides step-by-step guidance as well as Remote Tech Support for almost all Microsoft issues. Some of Mytechgurus’ support services they claimed to be offering includes:

• Fixing software compatibility issues and virus problems
• 24/7 Microsoft Tech Support
• Guided assistance for hardware and software issues
• Remote assistance for almost all software problems
• Resolving registry issues
• Installing/ uninstalling/ upgrading and updating system software and application software
• PC optimization and Tune-up

Microsoft Technical issues are dreadful and fixing them is even more tedious and strenuous. MyTechGurus employs experts who can understand the core of issues and work them taking the least of our precious time. Via the unique remote assistance, experts give the tech Support services remotely through a highly secure connection. The technicians are available throughout the year, round the clock, so you don’t have to adjust your time according to us. Their motto is to work for their customers seamlessly.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mytechgurus - Recover Deleted Files from Your PC

It is said that it is through mistakes that we learn what is right. When we commit the same mistake once again, we will try to find the correct route. But at times the voyage in search of the correct solution will end up in troublesome errors or problems. It is really a gigantic problem if you lose all the important data which is saved within the system. During the initial years of technology there weren’t any solution to recover the lost data but now it has become an easy task if you are in touch with effective tech Support Company.

Information is the cerebrum when it can be related to an organization or firm. Without it there is no question of running a company. For data losing there might be chances if you are using windows that either you would have deleted a file accidentally and you restored it from the recycle bin or you would have accidentally emptied your recycle bin and lost your important file. On the other hand you would have thought that your file is lost forever. If you are a Microsoft Windows user you can recover those permanently deleted file from the hard disk. You might have erased the whole contents inside a recycle bin where there is an important document which you had deleted once unknowingly and now you are worried about fixing up the problem. When you permanently delete a file inside the recycle bin the memory which the file had allocated will be reallocated. The file itself will be stored in the hard disk. It’s very easy to recover these lost data using efficient recovery software.

It’s advised that it is better to approach any expertise company of tech support rather than us doing it on our own. Such a company is techies’ choice, which provides you round the clock service. You can call them up in a toll free number where you are handed over to technicians who are adept in handling your systems remotely by cutting off travel expenses or extra costs.

The company assures us that they use legitimate and effective data recovery software to recover the deleted files and they provide technical assistance on how to protect our data in case we are lost during important sessions going on. They not only provide technical assistance on how to do an online data backup but also  render us various other tech support services based on your request.

Monday, 22 September 2014

MyTechGurus - Great Computer Performance and Optimization

Looking forward for tips to reap a better yield??Then it is obvious that you should maximize the speed of your computer .a minute of downtime is more than enough to disrupt the whole idea of increasing productivity. But like a sincere friend Mytechgurus is here to stand by you in rain and shine. They have big name in optimizing a computer and in enhancing efficiency above a greater degree. Viruses, multiple programs running simultaneously, storage of temporary files are the reasons behind the slowing down of our computer.  Whenever your system is encountered with problems Mytechgurus service of optimization lends you a helping hand by budging up hard drives for storage .It narrows gaps and space and free the memory of your computer.

hires professionals who have gained expertise and experience in offering the top notch services to its customers. The team is an adept in the knowledge of firewall. They troubleshoot and update antivirus and antispyware program in our computer to keep it safe from the curse of online threats or scams. They have been mainly emphasizing at safeguarding our information as well as our computer’s, ensuring that we would get pristine functioning of our device, without any hurdles.

As long as Mytechgurus is at your service there isn’t any need to get dismayed to see your computer function as slow as a snail. The computer optimization services provided by MyTechGurus include,

Quick response to the problems once they receive via phone, live chat or email.

With the user’s consent, they make a remote session with the respective computer over internet safely.

Examining the start up programs, and then disabling some of the useless programs after the user’s approval.

Allows the user to view the Windows services running on their PC, and end the unnecessary ones so as to elevate the speed of the computer.

Eradicates corrupt and invalid registry entries in order to keep up the stability of the user’s computer.

Reviews the PC and remove the conflicts among various applications, particularly the antivirus programs.

Eliminates the browser cache/cookie and allows the user to relish speed up Web browsing.

Cleanse up temporary system file, and fragment the hard disk.

We can call them or can live chat with their exclusive experts any time. They assure us with guaranteed service by their well-trained experts. It is really easy and secure to procure service from MyTechGurus. Their response is instant to the call of their customers.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

An Very Effective Wireless Security System for Home

It is a fact that Wireless Security Systems are very inferior when compared to the relevant Hardwire counterparts. If you want to feel safe about your internet privacy from hacking or other cyber crimes, it is very important to install a good wireless security system. In this case, it is crucial to hire a service that is pretty efficient in handling Wi-Fi security. In addition, having installed a wireless router security system can be even more imperative since it can ensure that your wireless system have a nice firewall protection that will eventually prevent any kind of hacking.

MyTechGurus is a prestigious company with the best Technology Experts that can ensure you all the security needs for your Home Wireless Network. We offer fast and effective online solutions to our client’s problems. The variety of services that MyTechGurus offers is very wide. Some of them are:

- Wireless Security Setup
- System Restore Help
- Problem Fixes of System Start- Up
- Problem Fixes of System Memory
- Desktop and Laptop Professional Repair
- Computer security issues resolution
- Printer Driver Updates
- Device Connections
- Wireless Security Issues
- File Recovery
- Removal of Malwares (e.g., spyware, computer virus, adware)
- Slow Computers Repair
- Laptops, Notebooks, and Desktops Optimization
- Installation of Software and Application

Understanding Public Hotspots and Wireless Security Services

Nowadays, many public places give free Wi-Fi connectivity. But not many users understand that this poses a serious security threat. Actually, it is pretty easy for hackers to hack your system if you log into a Public Wireless Connection. For this reason we recommend that you should be careful and not access confidential and important information when using a public hotspot.

Enjoy a Security Shield that Helps Protect Vital Information

Our wireless security service acts as a security shield for vital information stored by you. Our experts ensure that no one gains access to your connectivity or information without your permission. The Home Wireless Network security systems offers a high protection from cyber criminals and hackers.

Protection against Pilferage
Furthermore, at MyTechGurus we ensure that your wireless connection is so highly protected that no miscreants can interfere with your crucial and confidential information. And we are so sure of our success that if you don’t find the service professional and helpful, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Overall, MyTechGurus have developed a very safe Wireless Security that will prevent any individual to hack into your personal and confidential information. Home Wireless Network security systems, like the ones we offer, include great features and a lot of advantages.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

MyTechGurus PC Technical Support Services

Most of us cannot live without computers, but there are times when these machines can let us down. They can contract viruses, Wi-Fi can stop working or the peripherals can fail to connect to host devices. MyTechGurus PC Technical Support services will be very important if you are faced with any of these or other computer problems. Trying to fix them on your own may be so frustrating, time-consuming, and sometimes it may make the problem worse, unless you are a computer whiz.

The professional PC Technical Support Services from MyTechGurus are ideal for computer novices as well as small businesses that do not have onsite tech support. The professionals from this company have proper skill sets and they provide comprehensive PC service and technical support to their clients. They are experienced in handling both hardware and software problems. Something does not necessarily have to wrong with your system to seek help from these professionals. They can also help with setting up your devices as well as Wi-Fi network.

At MyTechGurus, Tech Support Experts can completely scan as well as wipe all viruses from your system if it is infected. There are some viruses that trace into the system, so you cannot remove them by simply installing a strong or up to date antivirus. Experts from MyTechGurus can detect and remove such viruses and spyware from your computer without affecting your files. You can give them a call any time if you have a problem that you want to resolve and they will remotely access your system and do all the necessary repairs.

You will find the services provided by the experts from MyTechGurus PC Technical Support to be quite appealing since they can be accessed on a 24/7 basis. You do not have to lug your equipment to a local tech service when something goes wrong since these experts can remotely access your computer and offer the help you need immediately. You will not need to wait for hours to connect with an expert that can provide you the help you want.

MyTechGurus Tech Support Experts will help you regardless of the brand of computer that you are using. They are well equipped to handle all issues pertaining to laptops and desktops no matter the time or place of the client. When working with them, you will be well assured of the best services that comprise a fine blend of experience and expertise. For more information visit PC Technical Support.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

MyTechGurus - PC Technical Support Made Easy

MyTechGurus is an Independent remote Technical Support Company optimizing on technical Support, customer Support, IT Infrastructure Management, remote IT Services, Data Backup & Retrieval. Well they do have certain visions regarding their establishment. First of all of them is that everyone should deserve technology that works. It focuses on being open and honest in its services to its customers. It makes companies linked with technology to function smoothly without any objections. The company is setup by strong workforce. As this company possesses a good team the delivery model they have adopted is that the work is brought to the working area and best possible solution is given to the problem they are confronted with.

MyTechGurus Technicians are well efficient and they provide round the clock service to recover the lost data and they make use of data recovering software. The technicians are certified and well graded for their performance in fixing up the problems within a short span of time. We can get connected to them through the toll free number any time you need a service from them.  We are very much dependent on laptops or computers which are accommodated with abundant valuable data, including both personal as well as professional. This is companies which consist of team of tech pros who are acquaintance of good personality, expertise and experience and this is done for providing the clients with top notch services. Mytechgurus is at your service for browser management as well as email. They support email application such as Gmail, hotmail, outlook etc. and it supports browsers which incorporates Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. you need not give a chance for second thoughts if your system has broke down in midst of the hectic work to call up Mytechgurus.

As MyTechGurus has the service of remote tech support and henceforth it can assist its customers via call, chat or phone. They specialize on Apple Mac software repairs, data recovery, and system rebuilt. They endeavor in providing you the free call support all day or night long. They also detect malwares and remove them so that the security of your computer is not threatened. They also install device drivers for the devices of our computer, such as scanners, printers, and camera. This is just a briefing about the company and I want you all to go for this company which renders services at their best.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

MyTechGurus Browser & E-mail Support

If you are looking for reliable browser and email support services for your business, you should consider hiring an experienced service provider that can handle the browser and email issues with confidence and give you a proper and comprehensive solution. MyTechGurus Browser & E-mail Support professionals will help you solve your problems efficiently and effortlessly. They are renowned for providing the best services to their customers and making sure that their problems are short lived. They can help you resolve all issues pertaining to e-mails quickly either remotely or on site.

E-mails are very important for communication and professionals at MyTechGurus understand that. As a result, they only focus on providing smart solutions to customers to make sure that the issues they are experiencing are resolved quickly and without recurring. One of the best things about these professionals is that you do not need to fix appointments with them and wait for many hours before you get a solution. All you need to do is give them a quick alert when you are faced with an issue and they will help you immediately. It will only take a simple and short consultation for them to troubleshoot your browser and e-mail problems.

Apart from resolving browser and e-mail problems, the professionals from MyTechGurus can also help you handle file recovery issues, system restore, computer virus removal, window patches installation, advanced laptop and desktop repair, system memory problem resolution among others. They will help you fix these problems faster compared to if you were to handle them on your own. Even though they will charge you a small amount of money for their services, their turnaround is definitely worth it and chances of experiencing the same problem will be quite rear.

When the professionals from MyTechGurus are helping you to solve browser and e-mail related problems, they usually do it the safest way possible. If you will be required to change your e-mail ID for security reasons, they will make sure that every crucial contact information is transferred to the new ID. Some e-mail programs do not allow you to transfer your contacts into an export file. Professionals from MyTechGurus will help you effect that transfer to ensure that your contacts are at a place that can be reached easily. If you have any difficulty accessing your contacts as well as e-mails, these professionals will make sure that you have the right guidance to be able to resolve that issue.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Virus & Spyware Removal at Mytechgurus

Virus & Spyware Removal
Whether being used for business or pleasure, computers remain highly susceptible to both virus attacks and spyware. During such an event, the user is likely to notice a reduction in computer speed, regular pop up messages on the computer screen and, sending out and receiving of emails one didn't sign up for, among others. If no immediate action is taken, this may lead to data loss and corruption of files. As such, the best way to shield a computer from any of these attacks and malfunctions is to get a reliable virus & spyware removal service.

It's highly advisable that one hire a professional to help with the removal of viruses and spyware in their computers. This is because they are better equipped and knowledgeable about the right software to adopt and how each system works. MyTechGurus are in this case the best one can hire as they provide specialized and extensive diagnostic checkups that are geared towards eliminating malware and viruses in the system. Examples of these include viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, adware, botnets and keyloggers. By so doing, any future attacks get to be eradicated as soon as they appear.

Since viruses keep on evolving, it should never be a solution to simply install any anti-virus software into the computer system. The reason for this is that these software are least likely to fight the virus as they should basically because, they tend to focus more on the commercial angle of the business than the technical needs of the computer user. However, through the help of professional MyTechGurus, one gets to get rid of the both existing and future attacks. In addition, the experts are capable of envisaging the right solutions and offer the best solution at the right time.

Although lots of people believe that they can do all the virus & spyware removal on their own, and with a majority of them relying on the use of free antivirus software, it's important to note that, despite them being economical, they pose a lot of threats. This is in regards to them being unable to eradicate the problem completely, their taking up a lot of space hence leading to a slow system and, some of them pose as anti viruses when in fact they are spyware. It's for these reasons that the MyTechGurus are the best solution in that they have over 10 years of experience and skills required in virus & spyware removal, their services can be accessed 24-7, are better equipped to handle all sorts of problems and in a nutshell, are effective, efficient and quick.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mytechgurus - Computer Maintenance & Optimization Help

Many people treat their PC like a simple tool. They use it, enjoy it but never take good care of it. Most of these people also have absolutely no idea that the reason their PC is getting slower and slower by the day is not the fact that the parts are going wrong but actually the operating system and certain parts of it need pc optimization in order to get back to their old glory.

For example, you can get computer maintenance & optimization help with on certain aspects of your PC. The operating system can be easily refreshed by a professional, the hard drive could use a tweak or two and also the drivers could be updated. There are many professionals out there that can help you with computer maintenance & optimization support but there are a few that stand out.

Usually, all of these can offer you support by phone, email or even by live chat. They can offer you advice on how you could improve you computer's performance and also its security.

Now, that we understood on how you can get pc optimization, let's see on what does it help.

#1. Firstly, there is the hard drive optimization. This includes defragmentation of the hard drive itself which not only increases the speed of the unit by a large margin but it also makes it more reliable. After you defragmented your hard drive a good option is to back it up, so in case anything goes wrong ever again you can restore all of your previous work at a push of a button.

#2. Malware and spyware removal. I know most of you don't think there actually exist but let me assure you that more than 70% of all the PCs in the world have one form or another. These can be deleted either by an experienced user or with the help of a professional. Advantages of removing them include better security and a much faster and responsive PC.

#3. Computer performance and optimization. This is probably the hardest thing to do for someone who doesn't know much about computers. This actually includes updating all of the computer's drivers, updating and maintaining the registry of the operating system as well as uninstalling any unwanted software.

In conclusion, Computer Maintenance & Optimization Help can be had without too much hassle on the internet or by phone. This will give you a ton of advantages like making your computer faster, safer and easier to use as well as increasing its lifespan by a considerable margin.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

My Tech Gurus - Computer Performance and Optimization

In order to increase productivity, it is very important that your PC functions at higher speed. Because a minute of downtime can get you to a serious loss and therefore MyTechGurus is always there to stand by you and will make your PC function like a new one. Viruses, multiple program running simultaneously, storage of temporary files cause slowing down of your computer. Whenever your computer happens to slow down, our computer performance and optimization service will remove all the temporary files and clear off all unnecessary files to make space in the hard drive. It constricts gaps and space and free the memory of your computer.

MyTechGurus hires professionals who are expert and have good experience. Our team of techies has depth knowledge of firewall. We troubleshoot and update antivirus and antispyware program in your computer to keep it safe from the curse of online threats. We mainly aim at safeguarding your information as well as your computer, ensuring you get immaculate functioning of your device, sans any obstacle.

What will MyTechGurus Computer Performance and Optimization Service Do for you?

Do not get disappointed seeing your slow computer, MyTechGurus will diagnose your computer properly and optimize the parts of your PC responsibly. Our computer performance and optimization services include:

 We respond to you as soon as we get your request via phone, live chat or email
 After seeking your consent, we make a remote session with your computer over internet safely
 We examine the startup programs, and then disable some of the useless programs after your approval
 Allow you to view the Windows services running on your PC, and end the unnecessary ones so as to up the speed of your computer
 Delete the browser cache/cookie. Allow you to relish speed up Web browsing
 Clean up temporary system file, and defragment the  hard disk
 Review your PC and remove the conflicts among various applications, particularly the antivirus programs
 Eradicate corrupt or invalid registry entries in order to maintain the stability of your computer

Call us or you can live chat with our exclusive experts now! You can call us anytime from anywhere as we provide unlimited to our customer 24/7/365. We give you guaranteed service by our well-trained experts. It is really easy and secure to obtain service from MyTechGurus. We respond to our customers the moment we get connected.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Virus and Spyware Removal with Mytechgurus

With lots of progresses and advancements in computers, virus and spyware are also growing by leaps and bounds, which are dire for computer technology. Due to this unfortunate situation, protecting your PC and laptop has become quintessential with high quality anti-spywares and antivirus. MyTechGurus is such a technical service provider that can take care of your all computer and web pertaining issues. The technicians are well-versed with computer security and safety as they have got long experience in this field. We are revered for catering prompt virus and spyware removal services for all kinds of viruses as well as online threats.

MyTechGurus go the Extra Miles to ensure your Computer Safety

MyTechGurus’technicians can assist you bolster your PC security settings to arrest all kinds of computer malware. Apart from virus and spyware removal, our horde of team imparts below mentioned services:

 Update OS, browser and security software
 Configuring router, firewall and Internet settings
 Change privacy settings with email accounts and social networks

Why Rely on Us?

You are looking for a virus and spyware removal service, you read about us, but still skeptical, the below mentioned characteristics will sweep you to take a right decision:

 24/7/365 technical support
 Certified technicians
 Affordable support plans
 Satisfied results
 Highest resolution
 Instant solution

We keep our technicians abreast of all the latest internet security technologies, and whatever developments take place. Our main goal is to make technology free of error for users. So get in touch with us now and make your computer world a wonderful experience.

Friday, 11 July 2014

MyTechGurus – Get Data Recovery

Your data is your most important asset. And I am sure you want to do everything to keep it safe. But what exactly you should do to make sure it’s safe with you. You data face several dangers. From malware attacks to natural disasters! One heinous malware attack and your computer may crash causing data loss and other computer damages.

Natural disasters like flood, fire, earthquake, etc can cause physical injuries to your computer because of which your hard drive may break and you lose access to your most important files.

There is a way through which you can save yourself from data loss. It is by creating data backup. Data backup is a technique through which you safeguard your important files by creating a backup. If somehow you lose your data from the hard drive, you can recover it from the backup created.

If however, you don’t have a backup of the lost files and you need them desperately. Data recovery is what you need. Most lost data can be recovered. However, it is possible only if you have the right team assisting you.

Data recovery is a complex and a very expensive process to do it on your own, but MyTechGurus make it relatively a lot cheaper and much easier. Our efficient team of technical assistants recovers your lost data. Our tech support assistance is rendered 24/7, remotely. All our tech agents are certified professionals with years of experience in this field. To speak to our tech agents, call us on our toll free helpline now.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Mytechgurus Ways to Speed Up your Computer’s Performance

Your computer does not work with the same speed after a year as it use to when you bought it. There is a noticeable degradation in the speed. This speed degradation is the outcome of what you do in your computer over that period of time. Improper installation, lack of maintenance and overload of data are the main reasons for speed diminution.

Following are list of ways you can bring into use to improve your computer’s speed and performance.

Do Not Cause Unnecessary Harm by Your Actions

In the want of improving your computer’s speed, don’t do something that degrades it further. If you do not understand it well, it’s best to take professional assistance. Caution and common sense is very necessary while working with your computer. Problems are easy to fix, but only if you know how to fix them. If not, your computer will best suit in the hands of professionals.

Sufficient Hardware

Whatever you do with the software, to optimize your computer’s performance, if the hardware configuration is not sufficient to support the operating system and other operations of your computer, your computer will always under-perform.

Keep the Desktop Clean

If your Windows desktop is dotted with files, it’s time to remove them and move them to other drive. Whatever you save on the desktop or documents folder is saved in the temporary storage and is removed if your Windows crashes. This also makes your computer’s performance slow. Moving them to permanent storage will bring speed to your computer.

Scan for Windows Errors

If system files are corrupted, your computer will malfunction. This can also kill your computer’s speed. There are utilities like “System File Checking” that inspects system files and finds out all teh problems. BY fixing these problems, you can bring speed to your computer.

Scan for Malwares

Malicious applications are very serious problems for your computer, it damages your data, kills your computer’s speed, cause financial loss, data theft and many other heinous activities. It is very important to save your computer from malwares if you want to keep your computer safe and keep its optimum speed maintained.

Clear Space

Too many data and software applications crowd your computer, which slows it down. By removing data that are not needed anymore and applications you don’t use, you can clear off space in your computer. It is necessary to keep your hard drive light. Using of techniques like disk defragmentation also improves your computers performance significantly.

If you are seeking any assistance for your computer problem or computer optimization, call us for technical assistance on our 24/7 toll free helpline.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Home Wireless Network - Mytechgurus

Nowadays wireless technology has been much on demand because of its convenience. Right from wireless internet connection to wireless scanners and printers, wireless technology has taken in people’s mind and it is termed as a crucial aspect for every kind business. Its flexibility to share internet access, files, and hardware conveniently made it one of the fastest selling service across the world. Nevertheless, you are encountering any issue using this service, call MyTechGurus and get rid of whatever problem you have.

We take remote session with your computer and configure wireless network, wireless printer settings and set-up and secure browser. The services of MyTechGurus cover wireless networking support, home Wi-Fi setup support, and computer support.
Below is given are a few problems in wireless network connections that our executives can deal with proficiently:

* Sluggish connection problems
* Driver installation problems
* Driver compatibility issue
* Computer fail to recognize the router
* Wireless network adapter issues
* Wireless connection drops every now and then

MyTechGurus including its dedicated and knowledgeable team, discharge wireless network support efficiently to office users as well as home users. We use the latest technology and we have full capability to sort out both major and minor problems with your device. You can call on our toll-free number to get our technical support anytime anywhere you want because we work round the clock. We assure you that you will applaud our service and recommend our name to your friends as well.