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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

How to Speed Up the Performance of Windows 7

With Windows 7, Microsoft did an excellent job making your system perform and function well. However, with time, Windows 7 might lose its efficiency and become slow, thus it becomes important to take some extra care to redeem its former glory. Certainly you do not have to live up with a machine that is unbearably slow. Finally the wait is over! Here are some steps that can make Windows 7 very fast and reliable.

Steps to Make Windows 7 Run Faster

Step 1: Registry Tweaks

Download the ZIP file, extract and run the file. When asked for confirmation, accept it. Thereafter, restart your computer.

Step 2: Right click on the computer icon on the desktop and select properties or users can also press WIN+ Pause/Break keys. Click on Advanced system settings located on the left side panel. You are also free to open it directly by entering sysdm.cpl command in the start menu search box or Run. Click ‘Settings’ in the performance section.

You would then be directed to another window. Disable all the unnecessary options in the Visual Effects tab. However, you can enable the following options as per your needs and requirements.

• Aero Peak (For aero peak feature)
• Desktop Composition (To use Windows Aero Theme)
• Transparent Glass (For usage of transparency in Windows)
• Show Window contents while dragging
• Show thumbnails despite of the icons.
• Use visual styles on Windows and buttons (If you wish to use basic theme or Windows Aero)

• Screen fonts with smooth edges.
• Show drop shadows for icon labels.

Step 3: Open up Windows Explorer and move to “Organize-> Folder and search options”. Click on the ‘view’ tab.

Disable the underlying options:

• Hide extensions for known file types.
• Show file size information in the folder tips.
• Display pop-up description for desktop and folder items.

• Show compressed or encrypted NTFS files in color.

Step 4: Right click on computer icon and select Manage. Users can also open directly by entering services.msc command in the startup menu search box or in Run.

Move to Services & Applications- > Services. It is here where you can set certain unwanted services to Manual, so that these services do not start up automatically and also you can get a much quicker startup.

Step 5: Type msconfig in startup menu or Run and press Enter. Now, disable all the undesired startup entries by moving to Startup tab. Users can disable Sound Card Utility, Graphics Card Driver Utility etc. in order to speed up system startup and Enhance the Performance of The System.

Step 6: Open Sound applet located in the Control Panel. Now move to Sounds tab and select No Sounds from the Sound Scheme section. You can enable some of your favorite sounds; however, ensure to set Windows Log off, Exit Windows, Windows Logon and Start Navigation to (None). It is also important to disable ‘Play Windows Startup Sound’ option for the purpose to deactivate the sound clip that is played at the login screen.

Step 7: Also install the software that is necessary. Always keep your Windows up-to-date and make use of latest device drivers.

Follow the aforesaid points and Upgrade the performance of Windows 7.

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