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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

How to Speed Up the Performance of Windows 7

With Windows 7, Microsoft did an excellent job making your system perform and function well. However, with time, Windows 7 might lose its efficiency and become slow, thus it becomes important to take some extra care to redeem its former glory. Certainly you do not have to live up with a machine that is unbearably slow. Finally the wait is over! Here are some steps that can make Windows 7 very fast and reliable.

Steps to Make Windows 7 Run Faster

Step 1: Registry Tweaks

Download the ZIP file, extract and run the file. When asked for confirmation, accept it. Thereafter, restart your computer.

Step 2: Right click on the computer icon on the desktop and select properties or users can also press WIN+ Pause/Break keys. Click on Advanced system settings located on the left side panel. You are also free to open it directly by entering sysdm.cpl command in the start menu search box or Run. Click ‘Settings’ in the performance section.

You would then be directed to another window. Disable all the unnecessary options in the Visual Effects tab. However, you can enable the following options as per your needs and requirements.

• Aero Peak (For aero peak feature)
• Desktop Composition (To use Windows Aero Theme)
• Transparent Glass (For usage of transparency in Windows)
• Show Window contents while dragging
• Show thumbnails despite of the icons.
• Use visual styles on Windows and buttons (If you wish to use basic theme or Windows Aero)

• Screen fonts with smooth edges.
• Show drop shadows for icon labels.

Step 3: Open up Windows Explorer and move to “Organize-> Folder and search options”. Click on the ‘view’ tab.

Disable the underlying options:

• Hide extensions for known file types.
• Show file size information in the folder tips.
• Display pop-up description for desktop and folder items.

• Show compressed or encrypted NTFS files in color.

Step 4: Right click on computer icon and select Manage. Users can also open directly by entering services.msc command in the startup menu search box or in Run.

Move to Services & Applications- > Services. It is here where you can set certain unwanted services to Manual, so that these services do not start up automatically and also you can get a much quicker startup.

Step 5: Type msconfig in startup menu or Run and press Enter. Now, disable all the undesired startup entries by moving to Startup tab. Users can disable Sound Card Utility, Graphics Card Driver Utility etc. in order to speed up system startup and Enhance the Performance of The System.

Step 6: Open Sound applet located in the Control Panel. Now move to Sounds tab and select No Sounds from the Sound Scheme section. You can enable some of your favorite sounds; however, ensure to set Windows Log off, Exit Windows, Windows Logon and Start Navigation to (None). It is also important to disable ‘Play Windows Startup Sound’ option for the purpose to deactivate the sound clip that is played at the login screen.

Step 7: Also install the software that is necessary. Always keep your Windows up-to-date and make use of latest device drivers.

Follow the aforesaid points and Upgrade the performance of Windows 7.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Computer & Internet Security - Vital Part of Computing Today

Do you shop online regularly? Do you browse different websites on regular basis? If yes then computer and internet security is a vital part of computing. History repeats itself’- this is a belief of everyone and this is an appropriate statement in terms of online threats as well. Cyber criminals or hackers are spreading malware, viruses, adware or spyware in the form of email attachments or whenever you browse internet. They use new technologies or techniques in order to steal your banking details or other information.

With the emergence of different social networking sites, most precisely ‘Facebook’, it really makes sense to stay educated with the present security risks related to Facebook. It would be so good if we do not have to worry about the threats in the very first place, however unluckily; this highly used social networking site is not spare from the budding security dangers.

Now the question is how do you stay up-to-date with the most cutting-edge security news? From where can you learn about the online attacks and the latest threats in order to protect your self? From where can you get the appropriate internet security solutions to fight viruses or other malicious activities? With security in your mind, be it you are a renowned company or just a common individual, it is very important to understand the technology if your prime concern is preventing the privacy breaches and data loss.

Talking about internet security, it is more precisely a tree branch of computer safety explicitly related to the internet, encompassing network security on a general level and of course browser security. The main objective of it is to develop measures and rules to be used in order to fight against the dangers of World Wide Web. In order to protect your computer from several online threats emerging in the day-today world, installing antivirus is the best way to secure your system. Such protection suite when installed is efficient in securing a programmable device from spyware and malware and eliminates viruses at the initial stage.

Computer and Internet Security is the prime concern in today’s world. To combat the worry, many leading companies have come up providing efficient security to your system. With the increasing numbers, MyTechGurus is an independent provider of technical support for your computer system. The company strives hard to keep your PC secured and your personal data safe.

Henceforth, learn the techniques or approach MyTechGurus for complete protection of your computer.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Eliminate the Risk of Online Threats with Computer Security and Internet

Today, internet is becoming a breeding ground for almost all the companies and a latent gateway as well offering vast potential for businesses. These days, most of the transactions are done online with much ease and convenience. As per the Symantec and the National Cyber Security Alliance, approximately 65% of the small firms claim the internet is perilous to the success of their business yet only 28% of the businesses in US acquire formal internet security policies and only 35% offer teaching to employees on internet security and safety. Truly saying, internet security threats can impair the functioning of your business, affecting customer satisfaction and profitability. Not only the businesses experience loss of huge amount of money to internet scams and cyber criminals but also the safety of the customers is compromised. Computer security and internet in today’s world have become a grave issue for all businesses- small or large.

Internet Security- Its Meaning

Security of the internet as defined ‘is the practice of preserving and defending private information and resources online. It is more specifically a tree branch of the safety and security of the computer associated to the internet concerning of the matters related to network and browser security on a general level as it includes the operating system and other applications as a whole. The main motive of Computer Security and Internet is to form various rules and procedures to be applied against the attacks over the World Wide Web. The internet is undoubtedly an apprehensive channel of exchanging data or information causing high peril of fraud or intrusion like phishing. Various approaches are being utilized to shield the transfer of the information comprising encryption.

Why Internet Security

In the corporate world, information is exchanged via internet wherein individuals communicate, buy and sell goods online with the help of credit cards. Much of the confidential data and other secrets are readily shared via internet. This paves the way to computer internet issues making a route for the data to get exchanged leading to unauthenticated interruption, deception and other security matters. This is the main reason why online security risks management tips should be highlighted for the benefit of the computer users and business alike. The online security measures work as barricades blocking the access of hackers with the help of per-programmed agendas. These programs would inspect the potential threat as it goes through specific tests further eradicating all chances of budding threats and hackers.

Different Kinds of Security Include

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)

Such protocol is developed in order to shield the communication in a much secured way with the help of internet protocol suite. Most importantly, it is a set of security extensions established by Internet Task force IETF and it offers authentication and safety at the IP layer by means of changing the data with the help of encryption.

Network Layer Security

TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. The internet protocol can be protected using the protocols and cryptographic methods.

Security Token

Many of the websites provide the clients the capability to make use of six digit code that randomly transforms every 30-60 seconds upon a security token. It is used to verify one’s identity electronically.

Pretty Good Privacy

Such security measures offer confidentiality through data files to be stored or encrypting messages to be transmitted with the help of an encryption algorithm like CAST-128 and Triple DES.

Electronic mail security

The security of electronic mail from unauthorized inspection and access is termed as electronic mail security or electronic privacy.

So, make use of the above security measures and become secured in the world of internet.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Computer Performance & Optimization- Great Way to Enhance the Efficiency of your PC

In today’s computer world, Computer Performance & Optimization solutions are highly in demand. With so many programs running on your system, your PC would eventually start performing slow. These days, computers can handle massive amount of operations, however, no matter how expensive and efficient the PC is, it tends to work slow at some point of time. Are you a computer user and do you find that the performance of your PC is decreasing day by day? If this is the case then improve the efficiency of your system with computer performance optimization. Here in this write up, there are some simple methods to optimize the performance of your PC.

Methods Involved in Optimizing the Speed of the Computer

• Wipe out all the junks from your system. It is vulnerable if your computer is full of trash files and if you go on downloading more and more programs download music etc. it can prove to be a hindrance for your desktop or laptop. So, it is essential to delete all the unwanted files. Delete the temporary files, remove manually or run disk cleanup.
• Also, rearrange the computer every now and then. Arrange the files and free up the disk space for better performance.

However, how will you get to know that your PC requires performance optimization? Here are some of the symptoms that would make you realize the same.

• Blue screens/ crashing/Freezing.
• Shuts down automatically, slow speed.
• Takes long time to open up a document or a program.
• Unexpected errors.
• Internet runs extremely slow.
• Often asks for disk fragmentation and disk clean up.

If you are not a master in optimizing the performance of your system, give it into the hands of an expert. If hunting for a technician is your main concern, then Techies Choice serves to be the best. It offers services for both Mac and PC. Its services include-

• Browser & Email support
• Home wireless network
• Spyware and virus removal
• Internet and computer security
• Recovery and back up of hard drive.

Henceforth, so take up the effective services of Techies Choice and enhance the performance of your computer.