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Monday, 21 January 2013

Give your System a new shape: Upgrade It!

How’s your system doing, is it breathing in its last moments? Are you planning to throw it or dump it in the garbage box? If yes then I have a better idea to save your system, you can do much more with it. You can put its many of the components to a productive use. If speaking about the list of components then I would rank the computer case as one of the most re-usable component given the condition that it isn’t totally in a good shape. You can just remove the obsolete and totally old patterned hardware parts and replace it with the newer ones and of the latest versions.

And now you might be wondering the components that you can plan to replace, so for your facilitation I have listed many of the replacements below:

Make it Memory Efficient:
First of all you need to wisely select a good memory for your system, as adding more memory to your computer is a great way to enjoy faster response times and prevent hang-ups. I would suggest you to give a start with minimum of 512MB of RAM and if you find the right and well bargained price then surely this won’t cost you very high.

Extend Hard Disk Drives:
Another most usable component is the hard disk drive installed in your older PC, and your just need to apprehend the memory storage in your hard disk. You can even try to plug in another hard drive or two and increase not just your hard drive space but also your computer’s speed. And probably get a great response with all this.

CD/DVD Drive:
Was your old computer stuck up with the floppy disk drive? Then you need to surely change it, as it is the time for much better, do get a CD/DVD drive. And when you have a CD/DVD drive you can do much better things with it, like back up important files, listen to music, and watch videos.

New Graphics Card:
So when gaming is in, then why do you wish to stay back? So make your PC a gamer, so that it may become appropriate enough for the latest games and this can happen when you get it an equally modern graphics card. As a matter of fact graphic card is equipped with the quality to increase the speed of PC games and graphics applications. Also the graphic card gives you more access to more colours and off course a high quality resolution.

Increase the Monitor Screen:
Now when you are giving full time to your PC then at the same time it’s even good to switch to a larger screen. Also you can take full out of the high variety if prices in the market. I would suggest you for a 19-inches screen as anything below 15-inches will create problem for you to view the applications clearly. You can opt for an LCD or CRT, whichever you like best, but if space is also a constraint then a LCD is suggestible.

Ride a fastened and a Furious Mouse:
Make your computer ride faster with a fast and a well working mouse. And if you are a gamer then having a fast mouse will always be a part of your choice. For a gaming system a mouse more than 800 dpi will be suggestible. But if your system will be restricting to some office applications only then a decent 400 dpi mouse will do well with you.

So now if you are planning to dump your PC then give it a thought, as upgrading could prove to be a great option. But do remember upgrading can cost you well only if you spend wisely.

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