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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Don’t let computer noise be your headache!

Who likes having a noisy computer? Of course, none likes it. It is pretty annoying, when you are playing a game or listening to songs and your PC produces weird noises. It also disturbs a person, who is reading or working in the same room.

It can be worse and could be expensive when this problem occurs, so it is always good to take up certain precautionary measures before this unfortunate thing happens. Read on, to find out the practices that you can follow to avoid and solve noise issues of your PC.   

Try changing the place of your PC
It might sound very simple and computer user might be skeptical about adapting this idea. However, it has been noticed that if you move your PC off the computer desk, there will be reduction in the noise level. 

Make use of ‘Power Management’ of your PC
Hard disk is the major source of noise. So, it is always advised to spin it down when it is not in use. How do I do it? It can be done easily by controlling it from the BIOS of the system. You need to enable the setting of spinning the hard disk down, when it is inactive. This task can be accomplished using the PowerManagement features of BIOS. 

Too many fans could be an issue
There is no denying the fact that fans are meant for cooling down the system, which are awfully needed to control over heating of the system. However, too many of them could contribute to the increase in noise level. An alternate solution could be the usage of an insulated case, which can absorb the heat produced by your system. 

Ensure proper enclosure of the computer case
If you do not fit the computer case well, it is extremely possible that the noise being produced internally may flow out because of lack of shielding. It is therefore, needed that you fasten the clutches of the case well. 

Replace the fan, if necessary
Many a times, it happens that fan is a reason behind the noise being produced in your system. We would suggest you to clean the fan, before taking any decision. If the problem still persists, then go for a new fan and a new fan wouldn’t cost you more than $10. 

Computer is the need of human for his daily activity. If it is noisy, then it may give you a headache, which may ruin your work. Reducing the noise of your system will give you a pleasant environment to work in and a great working experience. 

Follow few of these practices, before ending up with a noisy computer.  

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