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Friday, 25 January 2013

Which Web Browser is best for Desktops?

For a long time Internet Explorer reigned over Windows computer. Not that people loved it, but they were out of choices. You crib, you complain, but can’t help but stick to it. But now the competition among web browsers is much more intense than ever. Google Chrome’s knock out versions are gearing up where Mozilla’s Firefox is improving day by day. Internet Explorer has rejuvenated the browser with great things where Opera comes in light occasionally. When it comes to browsers, everyone has their own favorite, but the real question though is- which one should you be using?

There are a couple of parameters upon which a browser’s capability and functioning is decided. Based on what works for you more, you can choose which one should you use.

Best for Speed
All the latest iteration of well-known browsers viz, IE9, Firefox 9, Chrome 16 and Opera 11.6 are good performs. They all deliver jiffy browsing, but in terms of statistics, there are measurable difference it their speed and JavaScript (this eventually affects speed) performance. In browser speed test (Sunspider JavaScript benchmark), Firefox outshined every other browser’s performance with a very impressive marks (189.4ms) where other browsers, Safari scored 219.6ms, IE9 scored 247.9ms, Opera secured 254.3ms and Chrome was the slowest with 291.0ms. This performance was measured without any add-ons or extensions. Once you install any extensions, browser’s speed is ought to dip.

Best for Add-ons
Add-ons are available for all main browsers, but Mozilla’s Firefox takes the edge here as well. It is the most expandable browser and its vast array of add-ons and Greasemonkey scripts, makes it work as one of those Swiss American Knives. Opera is another browser that deserves a special admiration, as it is not just a browser, but integrates email, IRC chat and newsgroup.

Best for Windows 7

Internet Explorer 9 and Opera 11.6 are both very nice on Windows 7. They work perfect  and make good use of jump lists and taskbar pinning. However, Firefox’s performance is unquestionable. Firefox stands out in both speed as well as expandability.

Best for Vista
IE9 gives a tremendous performance on Vista and escalated through Sunspider speed test without any fallback, but Firefox nailed it, even on Vista. Where IE9 gave a speed test score as 193.7ms, Firefox was faster with 192.2ms. And it is not just the speed factor, bust Firefox was better as per features as well.

Best for XP
Microsoft did not make Internet Explorer 9 for its ageing operating system. So, this leaves Firefox 9, Opera 11.6 and Chrome 16 to compete on this. Chrome being the lest resource demanding was able to come out best on Windows XP. This means that Chrome is the best browser to work with, when you are short of resources (for example, netbooks). Chrome works as a boon for people with relatively low spec devices.

Best for Privacy
All of the browsers today offers excellent privacy protection features like privacy browser, warning for suspicious web pages and much more, but Internet Explorer 9 is way ahead from the list. IE9 gives you a tracking protection feature that enables you to subscribe a list that instructs certain websites not to track you. This feature is potentially much more useful than the global “do not Track” option.

Best for HTML5
All major browser support bits of HTML5, but Chrome and Firefox takes the lead with 89% score (both Chrome and Firefox secures the same score). Other browsers like Opera scores 74% and Internet Explorer gives lowest support with 59%.

Authored by Elenachris. For more computer issues and any guidance for computer tips can be made easy by mytechgurus. Technical support for microsoft windows 8 also, follow them on mytechgurus.

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