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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Clean the fan periodically, to have a noise-free laptop.

Isn’t it annoying with a noisy laptop? (Or) Doesn’t ‘overheating’ is a matter of concern? These two issues are mainly, because of the dirt accumulated on the fan of your laptop.

Noise could be a disturbing factor, when you’re trying to concentrate on your work. It could be more infuriating, when somebody is trying to sleep in your room and you are working with a noisy laptop.

Overheating is obnoxious, as it could be a deadly reason behind the damage of components around the fan of your laptop. Circuit arrangement of the laptop components is way too compact, which increases the risk factor of the malfunctioning of the components in the closer vicinity of the fan.

You cannot wait to suffer such huge damages, just by being careless and ignorant. Clean the fan periodically, and keep your laptop away from such issues. Here is how you can clean the fan of your laptop.

What do you require to clean the fan?
Please do not accuse yourself with a thought of wiping the laptop’s fan with a cloth or cotton.
You need a screw driver, to remove the screws of the laptop and an air compressor, to blow the air. That is it!

What is the procedure to clean the fan off the dust?

Flip the laptop over and unscrew the back panel of the laptop. Remove the battery and look for the air vent, on the edge of the laptop. You can find an access panel at the bottom, near the outer edge of the laptop.

Unscrew that panel and the fan will be visible to you. Blow puffs of air towards the fan, in the direction of the vent. Remember to control the pressure with which you blow the air out of the compressor, as strong blow of air is more likely, to damage the fan.

After cleaning the fan completely, replace the panel and the battery. You will definitely, see a difference in the heat-up frequency of the fan, and your system will run quieter. This is a good practice, if you follow it periodically to keep up your laptop’s performance. 

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  1. My Laptop is 2 year old, it's in good condition, got 4 GB RAM installed. But now it's very noisy and got heated very fast.

    Actually, my windows is near bypass highway and so kinda dusty situation.

    If you recommend some tips, I'd really appreciate.

    Nice and very helpful blog, keep it up.

    1. Hello Mr. Azmi,
      May i know about Brand Name of your Laptop. You told that your laptop was 2 years old, one simple tip is to clean and tighten the inner parts and screws. If it doesn't work out then you should give your laptop for good service.


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