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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Best methods to create a backup of your data!

Safety of data is one of the most important practices that one should be conscious about. If you do not care about creating a back up of your data, then you cannot expect your data to be safe, in case of any mishap. Instead of keeping your data in one place and keep worrying about it, you can take back up of it and be relaxed.

Here are few of the backup methods that you can follow, according to your convenience.

Create a disk image

A disk image of a drive partition can be created by using a software tool. This software copies every bit of the drive, be it your data files or temporary files or the settings of the drive. Following this practice, you can restore all the information of a partition in a fresh drive partition. This is said to be the best practice, based upon the tests that have been carried out. Also, most of the corporations deploy this practice to create a backup of their valuable data. 

Acron is True Image and Norton Ghost is two of the disk imaging software’s, which are extremely trustworthy. 

Back up your files in another hard drive

Another method is to copy the content of your existing hard drive into another hard drive. Also, you can go for an external hard drive. Remember that both extra and external hard drives are also subjected to failure, so you cannot be relaxed completely by taking a backup in those devices. Also, unlike disk images, this kind of backup will allow you to restore only the data and not the drive settings. 

Keeping the ‘long existence factor’ in mind, you can use DVD media to save your files because it has a long life period. 

Online backup service

The popularity of ‘Online backup services’ is gradually, gearing up. There are few factors that make online backup service as the most used one. 

It allows a user to store huge data, for free. Beyond a certain limit of storage capacity, a fee is being charged. Unlike other backup practices, this method is safe from any kind of natural disaster or theft.
Online backup service saves your data by making use of huge clustered servers, which can tolerate most of the disasters. 

Creating a backup is one of the best practices, which keeps you away from any kind of tension, about the safety of your data. We have listed few of the methods to create a backup, choose any one of them and have a better computing experience. 

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