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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Help to a Screwed up Laptop: USB Box

Is your Laptop the culprit of the inconvenience? Then probably I have an idea that can probably help you out. In case when your laptop is suffering with a big issue and the same is keeping you away from your data, in such a situation just that you put out the hard disk and then install into an external USB box. And you would find the option to be great as the USB Box is cheap enough for you to afford, they range from $10-$15. Also the whole process of transfer of the hard disk takes around 5 hours, and I sincerely feel that its worthy to invest. If you use a USB box as the alternate then probably you can easily use all your data and even the ones on internet cafe. Also you can easily transfer it to a CD or take print out, in short you can do whatever you wish to do with the data.

Also the procedure isn’t accustomed to any particular system; rather you can take full of it on all the laptops. The reason behind this is that the hard disk is usually held by 1-2 screws and is very easy to remove. But there is a thing that you should probably keep in mind that this procedure can pay effect on the warranty period of the hard disk, so before going into the process do make sure to read the documents of the machine.

I know the next question, is the service available for all the laptops? And the answer is probably yes for almost all, but I would still mention the exceptions. As you all know the big names of the industry try differing from each other and do the same in this case too, most Apple laptops and some light weight Sony and Toshiba models the hard disk is hard to remove as the laptop has to be disassembled completely to reach it.  Also do remember that if yoru try applying this option to these laptops then it even invalidates your warranty.

Another situation takes birth when you have a sub-laptop that carries a smaller hard disk. Deviating from its standard size of 2.5″ but 1.8″ HDs. Hitachi’s 1.8″ drives have the same pin configuration as the 2.5″, however Toshiba’s 1.8″ drives use their own special pin connectors (they are widely used in the hard disk based iPods). And these facts make the USB box option blurred as finding an external USB for them isn’t easy. In such a case you need to order them before hand.

Also you can give a try to USB enclosures that carries a cable adaptor which features the standard 2.5″ HDs (including Hitachi’s 1.8″) and Toshiba 1.8″ HDs that gives you the privilege to connect them to a standard IDE cable on a desktop PC, so that you can use them.

Do keep in mind that if you’re hard drive is protected by a password then the option of USB box won’t play any importance. In such a situation you can access it would be to connect it directly to another computer by using an IDE adaptor and then remove the password.

I hope the above mentioned solutions play a good dame with your system.

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