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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Apple or Dell computer: Which one to go for?

Apple & Dell are the two leading manufacturers of laptops and computers. However, users often wonder, as in which one to choose between Apple and Dell. Most of the times, this confusion occurs because of the lack of knowledge about the manufacturers. Of course, Apple computers are more expensive than Dell computers. However, a user may find Apple satisfying his/her needs, whereas another user may find it the other way. We have digged a bit deeper to figure out the major features of Apple and Dell. Let us have a look below:

Operating System 

Apple computers generally, come with Mac operating systems and Dell computers are deployed with Windows operating system. However, the system requirements differ in both the systems. As Dell works with Windows O.S., let us see the system requirement of Windows 7: it requires 1 GB RAM and a hard disk space of 16 GB. When you come to Mac system, it needs 2 GB RAM and 1-5 GB of hard disk space, which differs depending upon the products and installations.  


Almost all the software companies develop two versions of their products, one version is meant for Mac systems and other version is for other manufacturers, such as Dell. Usually, two versions are developed because the version which is compatible with other computers may not be compatible with Mac systems & vice versa. Let us take the example of video editing software, ‘Final Cut’ is the software that is meant for Apple computers and ‘Adobe Premiere’ is the one for other computers.  


When you look at both the kind of systems, you can find that Mac systems are made up of metal chassis and Dell computers are made up of plastic. Apple is confined to a single processor viz. Intel, but Dell computers have options like Intel, AMD, etc. All the ports of Mac systems can be found on a single side and have a long battery life of 10 hours.

A user considers many factors before purchasing a laptop and these are few of the basic features of both the kind of computers that we have cited, so that you can make a better decision. 

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