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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Share your files in a network that are running on Windows Vista.

From the business perspective, file or folder sharing in a network is one of the basic necessities. Users will have an ease of access on the files or folders, which they need but do not have on their system.

If Windows Vista is the operating system that you are dealing with, then have a thorough know-how about the sharing of files in a network, for an optimum business performance.

Get started with the process!

To begin with, you need to go to the Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and sharing center. Another way to reach ‘Network and Sharing Center’ is by clicking on the ‘Network’ icon on the taskbar and selecting ‘Network and sharing center’ from there.

This will give you the box, which will have ‘Sharing and Discovery’. Under it, you need to enable ‘Network Discovery’, ‘File Sharing’ and ‘public folder sharing’. You need to perform exactly the same thing on the system, with which you have an idea to share your folder.

Computers in your network
Next you need to check out the systems in your network. To do this, go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> click on View Network Computers and Devices. Once you are here, see the devices that are in the public sharing mode to select the device, you want to share your files with.

How to share a folder?
‘Public’ is the folder that has been shared in the network. To view this folder, you need to go to ‘C drive/users/public’ location. All the files in this folder are enabled for sharing. To copy a particular file or folder from another location, you have to copy and paste it in the ‘public’ folder.

Alternate option of sharing a file/folder!
If you want to share a specific file or folder from its location, then right click on it. Choose ‘Properties’ and select ‘Share’ under ‘Sharing’ tab.

It will open up a ‘file sharing’ box in front of you. Click the drop down menu, select ‘Guest’ and click on ‘Add’. Click on ‘Share’ tab at the bottom.

The guest will have the default permission of reading it, but no permission of editing it. If you want to give further permission, then you have to go to ‘sharing’ tab from ‘Properties’ and ‘Advanced Settings’ from there. Assign the permission you want to provide, by selecting the ‘Guest’ user and click on ‘Ok’.

Now, you can share your folder or file of Windows Vista in a network. However, it is always good to disable the network sharing, once you’re done with the sharing of your files.

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