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Monday, 18 February 2013

Why Internet Explorer 10 Gives You The Best Browsing Experience?

Internet Explorer 10 has been actually, designed for Windows 8 interfaces, with an intention of making browsing easier for the touch users. Haven’t you upgraded your system to Windows 8? Do not be disappointed, thinking that it is not possible to use Internet Explorer in Windows 7. Even with Windows 7 system, you can use all the features of IE 10.

In the desktop mode, it is difficult to distinguish Internet Explorer 10 from IE 9. Now that you know IE 10 can be used in your Windows 7 system, aren’t you excited about experiencing the new features of IE 10? So, what are we waiting for! Let us have a quick glimpse of what IE 10 has wrapped in for you.

Don’t fumble for flipping, anymore!
Internet Explorer realizes when an article, which you have requested to load, has multiple pages. Previously, you might have been annoyed of searching for the button to go to the next page, while reading an article eagerly. Internet Explorer makes flipping simpler by clicking ‘Forward’ button that you can see in the navigation bar. Generally, this feature is disabled in IE 10, as it sends your browsing history to Microsoft.

To activate it, go to ‘Properties’, select ‘Advanced’ and check ‘Enable Flip Ahead’ box under ‘Browsing’. Once it is done, every time you want to go to the next page of your article, hit the ‘Forward’ button and you will be there.

Improved security features!
Microsoft boasts about the new technology that has been included in IE 10, ‘Enhanced Protected Mode’. Enabling this mode will freeze certain parts of the operating system, which are not in use while accessing the internet. But, the moment you use those parts, the risk increases. For example, unless you browse through ‘Documents’ from your Explorer dialog box to search for a file, you’re safe. Activation of this mode will keep the hackers away from making use of any vulnerability, in your system.

How to activate Enhanced Protected Mode?
Go to ‘Internet Options’ -> Advanced -> check ‘Enhanced Protected Mode’ box.

Controversial ‘Do Not Track’!
‘Do Not Track’ is the setting that has been activated, by default, in Internet Explorer 10. This means that websites shouldn’t track the users’ online behavior, for serving ads. However, many companies haven’t moved according to this particular setting and it has given rise to controversy.

Perhaps, you have got umpteen reasons to go for Internet Explorer 10 in your Windows system. IE 10 not only depicts better performance, but also the most concerned feature ‘Security’.

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