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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Shoot up the Problematic working with easy steps

Many of us start panicking seeing our system stuck with an unhealthy issue but in case you are used to such problems then you may simply lean back and laugh. But there are no doubts in the occurrence if these problems, as they keep on occurring if you’re using a Windows System. So the best option is to keep your hand wet with needed solutions so that you may get it done whenever it’s in need. Keep yourself equipped with these options.

System Restore not working

Version: XP, Vista, 7
One of the most common problems that keeps on hampering your system is the when the restoring procedure has started obstructing at an earlier state, try booting into Safe Mode (tap [F8] as your PC restarts) and running System Restore from there.

In case of Vista and Windows 7 you are not lucky enough to opt for any other r option but the final step is that you can easily run the tool directly from your Windows disc (see tip seven, above) if you can't access Windows. Probably or surely this will end up your issues.

Windows Media Player missing songs

Version: XP, Vista, 7
This is the pathetic problem that will just end up your mood to listen a beautiful track. Just imagine, you switch over your Windows Media Player and there are no tracks, what will you do? When you are messed up in such a situation try clicking Start > All Programs > Accessories. In case you are XP user you should select the Command Prompt, or in Vista or Windows 7 then I would ask you simply to right-click it and choose Run as Administrator.

After this just double click that folder that has the list of tracks cd command (for example, cd music cd my documents\my music), then type "attrib -s *.* /d /s" and press [Enter].

Once this so important process comes to an end open Media Player and press [F3], or choose Tools > Advanced > Restore Media Library (in Windows 7) to access all your music again.

Action Center

Version: 7

Another thing happens when you happen to activate the Action Center then just click the flag icon in the Taskbar's notification area to access the Action Center. In such a situation you can get the problem notified in just a single look. Also you may shoot a series of troubleshooters to help quickly fix the problems that keeps on ruining up your system and this can be done even without bending your back.

Elenachris has a good experience in online tech support services. She is known for her work in researching about PC issues faced by users and gives solutions to fix it. She is a writer for mytechgurus an independent technical support company which gives remote services for emergency repair and maintenance.

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