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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

5 All-in-One PCs that you can consider buying

Traditional desktops have had a good shelf life. In its course of sovereignty, it easily made its way to offices and homes. People loved it and desktops will always have a special place in every PC user’s heart. But with growing need of “work on the move”, came the family of laptops. Another family of computer aka All-in-One PCs made an expensive upstart just 2-3 years back and grew as a direct competition of the traditional desktop. In no time, All-in-Ones usurped the throne.

Today’s computer market is over-flowing with a wide array of All-in-One PCs and if you are on the go to get one, the following list will ease your decision.

HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite: The Perfectionist

HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite is a 23-inch, business-centric All-in-One workhorse. It is not a treat to eyes but delivers excellence in performance. It can easily supersede a traditional business PC and if you are looking for a PC that gets the work done and is comfortable to your pocket, then HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite is for you.

HP Omni 27: A Big Package

In its first look, you will be fascinated by HP Omni 27’s 27-inch gorgeous edge-to-edge glass screen. The rest is also fine until you find that the touch screen, which is pretty basic for an All-in-One PC these days, is missing in this model. But nonetheless, HP Omni 27 is very homey. Its size is double the size of a small TV and its Blu-ray playback is excellent. The device leverage very smooth HD streaming and is a perfect alternate for home users.

Lenovo IdeaCentre B320: For tight-budget Students

Lenovo IdeaCentre B320 has an unusual mix of features that serves as a fulltime PC and an HDTV. The model is a good buy for cash-strapped students to fit their All-in-Ones in college in college dorm rooms, but the machine fails to give strong media capabilities and other features like Blu-ray drive. Since any such machine is a one-time investment, you should better save few more bucks of a batter machine.
Samsung Series 7 All-in-One: A Beauty

Samsung made a debut in the All-in-One family with Series 7 All-in-One PC and this machine turned out to be a beauty. It delivers adequate performance and has a very stylish and svelte appearance. You will definitely admire the touch effect and the Blu-ray player. The device gives a nice gaming performance. Though Samsung has made few mistakes as a fresher, but the features, design and comfortable price are compelling enough.
Dell Inspiron One 2320: High performing, but compromises over few things

Dell Inspiron One 2320 is a 23-inch All-in-One, which proves that you can bag high-end features in decent price range. The device gives you capacious hard drive, plenty of RAM, Blu-ray Disc player and much more. Although a slightly more expensive devices delivers a better value but this machine is not at all a weak choice. It does almost everything, but you will have to compromise over a plain look and a little inaccurate touchscreen.

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