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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Fix Your Registry Errors Absolutely, Free Of Cost!

‘Registry’ of a system is basically, a database of the settings of operating system and keys of software programs, sitting in your system. Any change made in the registry will be reflected at the respective locations, in the system.

Every time you add or remove a program from your system, it will register in the registry of your PC. You could have come across a program that worked properly the previous day, but not running the next day. Sometimes, while making changes to the registry, some necessary files may get deleted from your registry, which could be a possible cause of your problem. Unwanted addition or alteration of files in the registry will also, slow down your PC.

To resolve this issue, it is not necessary that you have to call a technician over, to your place. You can do it yourself, with little technical knowledge. Do you want to know how? Then, read on!

•    We can name three methods to fix any problem, regarding your registry. First is ‘System Restore’, Second is using the installation disk and third method is the one that we emphasis on, and that is a ‘Registry Cleaner’.

•    If you Google for registry cleaners online, you will come across many of them, which are guaranteed to be absolutely, free. Who doesn’t like ‘free’ things! So, it is definite that you will get attracted to those free registry cleaners. When you use it, you will learn that it shows the errors of your registry, but it will offer to fix only few of them. Certainly, it will not prove to be of much help.

•    Don’t be disappointed thinking that you have to spend money for a registry cleaner. There are legitimate free programs, which offer you better service. One of them is Eusing Free Registry Cleaner.

•    Land on the Eusing website, download the registry cleaner, run and install the program. As soon as the program opens up, it will ask for a code for certain donation. If you’re reluctant to spend any penny for the program, then click on the ‘SKIP’ button.

•    Now, get ready to run a thorough scan of your registry and click on "Scan your registry". Wait for the scan to complete, the errors could be few or many. If you haven’t run a registry cleaner in your system yet and your system is quite old, then better grab a cup of coffee, as it may take a long time.

•    Once the detection of errors is done, click on ‘Repair Registry’ tab and the issue will be solved.
Fixing the registry errors will definitely speed up your system performance and meanwhile, the unexpected crashing of your programs will stop occurring.

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