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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Simple Tips to Speed up Your Windows 7 System!

Windows 7 has been the most popular operating system among users, which was developed with an idea of providing the best user experience. This idea has been made successful with Windows 7, as it has many awesome features to make the work easier of a user.

Here are few of the features that we are going to discuss, to make Windows 7 work faster and more efficiently.

Jump list:

The recent applications are shown in this list. All the versions of Windows operating system before Windows 7 have the feature of displaying the recent used programs in the ‘Start’ menu. However, Jump list of Windows 7 has a feature of adding up the most frequent used programs to it, so that it becomes easier for you to launch the program.

Sleep functions:

This is often used by the users, who do not stay in front of their system continuously, but work in instalments. Every time, it is not possible to turn your system off and on. This problem can be easily solved by putting your system on ‘sleep’ mode.

This mode doesn’t let any power consumption and the programs will return to a running state, once you switch the mode.

Windows XP mode:

This mode can be used, when your operating system has to run on a lower end system. Less RAM and a hard disk with less capacity makes it difficult for the operating system to carry out the higher tasks. In such a scenario, you can switch back to Windows XP mode to process the jobs and disable all the higher end effects.

Uninstall the unwanted programs:

Do not clutter your system with unnecessary programs. Unnecessary programs take too much of space on your hard disk and contribute to the wear & tear of it. To keep the computer safe, you should figure out the programs that are no more in use and clear them up from your system.

These are few of the tips that you should remember to optimize your Windows 7 computer.

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