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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Get Text Pasted In Plain Format In Word 2013!

Every time you paste a text from a different source, it will carry the format of the source, which may not match the format of your document. Isn’t it annoying? Users always want the copied text to be in the plain format, but it is not the case usually and you need to do it manually.

However, you can change the settings in the Word document, to get the plain text of the copied content. Today, we’re going to discuss the procedure to change the ‘paste’ settings in Word 2013.

Locate the ‘home’ tab and click on it. Under the ‘Clipboard’ section, click on ‘Paste’ and this will give you three options and from there, choose the option of ‘Keep Text Only’.

Note: The use of ‘Ctrl+V’ to paste a text will give you the text with the formatting. To get the plain text pasted, even with the use of this keyboard shortcut, you need to do the following changes.

Again, choose ‘Set Default Page’ under the ‘Clipboard’ section. This will open up an advanced window, with many options.

Navigate to the section of ‘Cut, Copy & Paste’; it has four ‘pasting’ options. Select the option that is suitable for you and change the setting to ‘Keep Text Only’ from the drop down menu. This is it!

Whenever you copy content and paste it to your document, it will not carry the original format.

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