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Friday, 10 May 2013

The Potential System Threats!

Virus and other malicious attacks, put together known as malware, are developed to target your wallet. Initially, developers created virus to test their knowledge of programs and codes. However, the scenario is entirely different today. You need to be awfully careful, while using your computer in the internet. Before taking any precaution, you should know the enemies well, so that your measures taken against them are efficient. If I put it another way, know the potential PC threats.


Virus is a program that generally, attacks a document or an application. It has the ability of spreading the infection through the files or programs, spread around the computer, results in making them ineffective. If the affected files are shared, then the virus comes along with the file and there are chances that the viruses will damage your system files.


Virus needs a human action to come to action. However, worm can work on its own, without the user’s help. It replicates itself, and can damage a network of computers. There was a news in 2001 about Code Red worm, which infected around 250,000 systems in a time frame of 9 hours.
It could be harmful like—infecting your PC as a virus does or stealing your sensitive password, while you’re typing it on.


Trojans prove to be deadly as they mask themselves as some applications or programs. Once you run this app, Trojan hidden in it will trigger and then, it will start executing its plan of destruction. Trojan conceals every kind of malware that you can think of, right from the low level of file infecting programs to higher level of programs that can accomplish the task of stealing information.


Usually, a network of computers is connected together to communicate via certain same kind of programs. When the control of this particular network is taken over by some third party users, just by transmitting a program from malicious source and without the knowledge of the owners, then this network is said to be a botnet.

Botnet attack turns your system into a zombie that performs on the wish of the hacker, which will definitely wreak havoc on the users.

If you’re thinking that you should take care of your computer, then let me tell you that it is not only your computer that is vulnerable, but also all your mobile computing devices—be it a tablet or a smartphone.
Don’t panic, as you can keep your device away from these attacks, if you follow the safety practices on the internet and install security software in your device. Do not forget to update it periodically.

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