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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Control a Remote Computer over the Internet

The concept of remote desktop is not a hidden secret, but not many of you make use of it and many do not know the procedure of setting it up. Remote desktop can be used to control the computer over the internet remotely, with the help of a remote desktop program, such as—TeamViewer and VNC.

However, if your system deploys a professional edition of Windows, then remote desktop will be certainly installed in your system. The only thing you need to do is configure a VPN connection and forward the ports. Here is how, you can do it.

Configure VPN connection:

You can set up VPN connection in many ways. We suggest you to download and install ‘LogMeIn Hamachi’. Once you have downloaded it, you need to create a user account. Once the account is created, log into the remote computer and connect both the computers under the network of Hamachi.

Start the remote desktop session, by connecting through IPv4 address of another computer.

Forward Ports to router:

Recognise the computer with remote desktop application and find the IP address of this system. Launch the Control Panel, choose ‘View network status and tasks’ followed by selecting the present connection. Locate the ‘details’ button, click on it and note down the number on the right of it.

Launch the router’s web interface, log into the account and select the ‘Port Forwarding’ section. Direct the TCP port 3389 to IPv4 address.

Now, you will be able to connect to a computer remotely, over the internet.

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