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Friday, 7 June 2013

Netbook or Notebook: Which is your choice?

Netbooks are smaller form of notebooks. This doesn’t mean that the “smaller” is the restricting factor from buying this device. There are needs that can be fulfilled by the netbooks too. A layman might be confused about going for a netbook or a notebook, if it is the first time.

We are here to make this job simpler, by walking you through this guide that explains all the possible factors well.

Size & weight:

Screen size of a netbook is almost 10 inches and it weighs not more than 4 pounds. However, notebook weighs from the range of 4 pounds and 10 pounds. Diagonal screen size ranges from 12-20 inches. So, notebook is a good option, if you want to have a better view of movies and netbook is more portable and good for simple tasks.

Internet surfing:

Netbooks were specially designed for accessing the web. However, notebooks are meant for the same purpose. However, the memory of notebooks is way beyond when compared to the netbooks. So, web surfing is faster in notebook than in netbook.


Both notebook and netbook have built-in cameras, speakers and microphone. If you think of having video chat, then both these devices are considered to be good choices.

Storage capacity:

Obviously, notebooks have higher storing capacity than netbooks. Usual capacity of a netbook is 160 GB, but notebooks storing capacity is almost 500 GB. If you’re the kind of user, who seals with more data, then notebook should be your choice.


Chromebook Notebooks have higher capacity than netbooks.


Netbooks can be afforded with $400, but basic notebook models start in the range of $400. If the notebook is beyond your budget, then go for a netbook.

So, these are the few factors that you can look into, in order to choose between a notebook and a netbook.


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