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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Optimize Your Netbook

Netbook is a smaller version of laptop, which is also an appealing alternative for economic computers that offer better mobility. Let’s know best tactics to optimize your machine.

Hardware Considerations Choice of best screen size:

People with good vision power goes for 9” display (1024 x 600). Screen small that that means that the resolution with be too low and it would be difficult for most web pages to fit in. A 10” device has a bigger keyboard and better readability. People with poor vision can also go for 12-13” netbook although that will not be considered netbook anymore, but still are more portable that 15” laptops.

Take at least six-cell battery:

With time battery performance decreases, but thanks to bigger batteries, it offers better autonomy. Another alternative is to have a spare battery if your work requires long hour needs without charging.


If you are planning to run Windows XP on your netbook, it is necessary to have at least 1 GB RAM.

Selecting an appropriate drive type:

Solid State Disk (SSD), are more robust and boots faster. On the other hand, Hard disk drive (HDD) holds more and performs better. If you like to keep collections of music and videos, an external drive adds very less weight to your netbook bag.

Use a neoprene zipper sleeve:

Laptop bags are it very heavy. If you are buying a netbook to reduce the weights on your shoulder while you travel, you should also avoid extra bulkiness of the bag. A neoprene zipper sleeve is best to give appropriate protection and not add too much weight to it.

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