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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Laptop Screen Troubleshooting

You cannot deny the fact that laptops are more convenient than desktop. It’s because of its portability and sleek design. But you face the difficulty when it stops functioning. If you have a laptop you must be aware of the truth that its screen is the first element that fails easily and creates the frustration when you have some important work to do. However, there are numerous elementary troubleshooting steps that you can attempt before going to repair shop.

Step 1

First attempt all the basic troubleshooting steps, such as looking at the battery level to ensure that the laptop is not dead. Also, view at the backside of the laptop to check if the battery is connected properly.

Step 2

Turn off the laptop and then turned it back, and then try to remove and replace the battery to check if the screen appears properly after the laptop restart.

Step 3

Check the button at the back or side of the laptop that depresses after the lid is shut down. Just ensure that it is not broken or stuck as it can cause the screen of the laptop to remain turned off even if the lid is opened.

Step 4

Attach an external monitor to your laptop and check if your desktop comes on the monitor. Reboot your computer and enter the system settings by hitting the “F2” key when the OS is loading. Go to the BIOS and check if your laptop is held in hibernate mode and require changing manually.

Step 5

Roll back you have made any current modifications to the laptop, such as setting up new software or downloading latest drivers, by reformatting your computer’s hard drive completely or loading a system restore point.

Step 6

You are done with all the aforementioned steps, but still your laptop screen is not appearing. In this instance, you should send your laptop to the manufacturer to check for fan or processor hardware problem or graphics card.

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  1. I think you are doing a great job. You did things the right way from get go by launching it properly. We can learn a lot from you


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