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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Recreating the Future of 2015 With Excellent 6 tech trends

We are living in a tech world and most importantly, we are all tech fans. Every company flourishes at the core ideology of bringing up great tech products. The great products introduced at CES is surely going to change the world and such real products and services are gradually edging forward with the promise of huge changes in 2015. Here are mentioned the top tech trends that truly matters in the year 2015.

Artificial Intelligence

All the information is leading to a great uprising in artificial intelligence. For instance, Microsoft is making use of machine learning in order to examine conversation and speech so that the New Skype Translator can not only execute bidirectional translation, but it also features the ability to mimic the exact tone of speech so that it makes logic in some other language. A computer program namely Eugene Groostman incredibly beat the turning test, this year. With this, the world would have a programming that would be able to fool publics as though they are communicating to some other person. Yet the future is not about tricking people, the idea is about generating human like thought in silicon. Also, in the same year, Google’s DemisHassabis is trying to ‘solve intelligence’ and moreover his company namely ‘Deepmind’ is trying to recreate or further mimicking how human neurons perform in code and silicon.

Enormous Data Gears Up to Work

This year in 2015, companies such as IBM and Intel are gradually turning all the data into powerful decision making tools. IBM is expanding the supercomputer Watson’s reach and further presenting cognitive computing for all industry which has data to share. As far as Intel is concerned, the firm is rapidly working on developing the platforms and hardware important to come up with Big Data processing inside.Despite of making judgments relying on the broad understanding of consumer interests and market trends, in 2015, the firms are greatly trusting hard numbers to boost new services and products.

Flexible Displays

It’s a hope that the year 2015 would come up with consumer-grade flexible display market. As told by the spokesperson of Intel, ‘The firm is working on removing wires and shrinking components via HDMI technologies and Gorrila Glass maker features strong, sturdy and flexible glass ready to go.

Nanotech and Material Sciences

In 2014, the world saw several nanotechnology innovations such as nano cages that came up with cancer killing medication at a molecular level and meta materials which feature the ability to distort to pelt substances from human touch.

Biomedical Engineering Post Doctoral Associate SisselJuul said, ‘“We will see commercial targeted non-viral drug delivery soon.”. The term soon is more or less foreseen on the speedy works of clinical trials and FDA approvals as well. More DNA-level eureka moments and various real-world applications would soon be expected in the year 2015. Nano technology is on hype and is seem to propel material sciences, covering everything from smarter fabrics to waterproofing phones. It means various upgraded materials would be seen in 2015. A conference would also be organized in Korea dedicated to smart materials in 2015 with new announcements expected out of that.

Wireless Charging Technology

For many of the consumer electronics manufacturers, the great way to deal with the restrictions of lithium-ion battery technology is to develop much bigger batteries. New chemical sciences are advancing in 2015. The National Institute of Standards and Technology stated that its scientists are designing batteries centered upon complex metal hydride and sodium-based. Furthermore, Applied Materials is performing in order to advance solid-state battery technology that has the ability to clasp much power than traditional lithium ion featuring efficient and inexpensive manufacturing technology. In 2015, wireless charging is soon to arrive. Both inductive and conductive options are available and many of the phones already feature the technology of wireless charging inside. Progressively, Intel is already working on wireless charging depending upon magnetic resonance technology. The world is looking for more wireless charging stations, gadgets and counters which would soon be expected in 2015.

Robots Becoming a Part of Our Lives

2015 would soon see smaller robot advancements that entirely focus on two major areas such as locomotion and manipulation. Companies including iRobot and researchers at MIT and DARPA are incredibly aiming on teaching the robots how to work and move like humans.MIT Professor Sangbae Kim stated, ‘In 2015, we would see ample robots around us.’

With the above tech trends, the world would experience great changes in 2015.

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  1. Today is the world of technology. The year 2015 came up with several astounding innovations that are likely to become a favorite of the tech fans. The tech world is edging successfully and the new revolutions would create a huge impact.


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