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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Entertainment Sounds Easy!! Learn the Various Ways to Connect Your Laptop To Your Television

Your laptop screen is definitely not the right medium to watch your favorite movie. Do you want to watch web photos or YouTube videos on your large TV screen? Are you wondering and looking for an easy way to connect your computer to a TV? Well, there are various ways to connect your laptop to a television depending what ports are available on your TV and PC. In order to connect the two devices, all your need is a right cable. For instance, if the two do not share a connection, there are adapters available in order to make the types match up and work together.

Selecting the Right Cable

Today, high definition television provides manifold connections with DVI and HDMI being commonly used to connect a laptop to a TV and offerhighest quality.Most standard-definition televisions support an S-video connection that usually delivers a less sharp picture.

Ways To Connect a Laptop To A TV Using HDMI

The connection between laptop and television via HDMI cable is easy and it requires only one lead as HDMI handles both audio and video. Furthermore, plug the cable into the system and also one of the HDMI ports on the television. If you are making use of the most up-to-date version of Windows, ensure that your system is switched on while setting your TV to the right HDMI channel. The laptop should be able to automatically configure in order to give you the finest settings. If in case, it could not choose the right setting automatically, it is important for the users to go to Control Panel> Display> Adjust Resolution. From here you would be able to view two drop down boxes. Thereafter, toggle the Display drop down in order to confirm that your television is selected. Next, you need to ensure that the Resolution drop down box matches the settings which are appropriate for your TV. The steps include:

• Turn on your TV and laptop.
• Connect the HDMI lead to both the laptop and television.
• Choose the right HDMI input on your television (by pressing the AV button)

• If in case the system does not output its screen to the TV automatically, go to Control Panel>Display > Adjust Resolution and further choose the TV in the drop down box.

Ways To Connect a Laptop To A TV Using VGA

Another significant way to get your laptop and television connected is through a VGA cable. This is a great option for those whose laptop is over 4/5 years old. As VGA is a video lead, it is important to accompany it with a 3.5mm audio lead, which you have to attach from the headphone out socket of your system to the audio in port of the television or even external speakers.

In order to connect via VGA method, the Windows must configure the settings automatically likewise the HDMI connection. Still if you are facing problems, follow the directions below:

• Turn on the laptop and television.
• Connect the VGA cable to both the laptop and television.

• Perform the same process with the 3.5mm audio jack- make use of the headphone out port on the system and audio in your TV or external speakers.
 • Go to Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolutionand further choose the TV in the drop down box.

Ways To Connect A Laptop To A TV Using USB Stick/ External Hard Drive

If your TV is new, then definitely it will have a USB port. Depending upon the capability of the TV, users would be able to view the video content stored on the laptop by transferring it to an USB stick or external drive and further by plugging it into the TV. Follow the below mentioned guidelines.
• Make sure that the TV supports the file format.
• Copy the video files to the USB drive.
• Insert the USB stick into the television.
• Choose the USB channel on your television.
• Make use of the file explorer of a TV to play the video.

How to Connect Laptop to a TV Wirelessly

Wired connectivity is sometimes difficult, so many of the users prefer wireless connectivity. These include multifarious options depending upon the capability of the computer since most of the laptops feature a built-in wireless system referred to as WiDi that performs with a compatible receiver Netgear's Push2TV.

You can also find wireless systems that are generally plugged into the HDMI port on your laptop and television, transferring the video wirelessly. They are relatively not affordable and furthermore the video quality of most of the wireless video systems is excellent. Moreover, the different media streamers such as Google’s Chromecast, Western Digital’s WDTV, Apple’s TV or Roku’s Streaming Stick are the popular and different way to approach the problem. Apple TV is basically designed to work with iPhone or iPad.

Now, following the aforesaid ways, you can watch your favorite movie or content stored on the laptop on the large TV screen.

If you are facing any kind of technical issues while connecting a laptop to a TV, feel free to contact us at You can also call us at 866 587 1775.

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