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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Microsoft Uncovered Windows 10 Coming UpWith Whole New Exciting Features

Microsoft has now lifted the curtain. Expected to be released next year, the new operating system is right here: Windows 10. The first details of Microsoft 10 were unveiled by Microsoft on Wednesday and is said to extent devices from game consoles and computers to tablets and smartphones. This latest version of Windows focused on ‘more personal computing’ as said by Terry Myerson, the executive vice president of Microsoft.

With the advent of Windows 10 later this year, the company is deliberately changing its approach to a business it assisted to promote thirty years ago. Allowing consumers and businesses upgrade free might cost Microsoft more than 500 million in the first full year of sales. However, it also paves the way for sales of services and add-on apps on many other new devices ranging from smartphones to health sensors.

Coming up with whole new features, Windows 10 is expected to rule the world. Understanding the failure of Windows 8 amongst the users, Microsoft offers a much familiar experience to the users of Windows 7 who never thought of making a jump to Windows 8. Coming up with new innovations and including holographic representations to Windows 10, the company is expecting to take Windows to a world beyond screens.

New Features of Windows 10

• In Windows 10, Start menu seems to be a fusion of tile-based presentation of applications and classic Windows PC interface, enabling the consumers to go full screen with the help of the Start menu for more information.
• A successor to the Internet Explorer Web browser, dubbed Project Spartan is another new feature of Windows 10. Working across multifarious devices, the browser contains a note-taking feature for the purpose to annotate webpages, built-in support for PDF files and a reading mode.
• It will also add Cortana. This new feature can send emails, pull up PowerPoint slides and can even search for photos or other details.
• The new Xbox app for Windows 10 would enable the gamers to stream and play Xbox games on their computer. This feature also lets them play games from the Steam video game network and share and save game-play clips.
• Windows 10 also comes up with the holographic computing platform. With the introduction of HoloLens, a virtual reality style headset, the company allows the users to seeholograms in the real world. Demonstrations showed to the customers viewing Netflix programs on a virtual screen and handling three-dimensional images.
• A new Snap feature is also included in Windows 10 which would allow the users to work on four apps at the same time on the same screen. This feature was also seen in Windows Vista, but Microsoft now restyled it for the upcoming version to contain a new quadrant layout.

The introduction of Microsoft 10 is Nadella’s vision of growth where a virtualized world would be able to connect all devices on one single platform.

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